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    Will Mithun Dada be the BJP’s chief ministerial face for West Bengal?

    Mithun Chakraborty joined BJP today at brigade ground, Kolkata and it has sparked speculations that he will be the party's CM face in Bengal. Chakraborty, in his speech, asked BJP supporters to have faith in him because he had always done what he promised. Last month, Union Minister Amit Shah had clearly said that a Dharti Putra (son of the soil) would be the next Chief Minister of Bengal. Now Actor Mithun is in BJP and is expected to be the CM if they win. What is your comments, please share.
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    First, I don't like to see any celebrity to enter in politics but after their retirement or close to age of retirement they begin to step in politics. I don't mean to say it is only actors that they should not come in politics I encompass all celebrities from all fields.
    Anyways, I congratulate him to enter in politics and hope that he will be a successful politician.
    The author has projected him as the next chief minister of BJP government in West Bengal provided that BJP wins elections.
    But I don't think that it will be easy for bjp to defeat Mamta Banergi. She is the most popular leader in her state. She is the best chosen leader for CM office - according to different surveys. No other leader is coming closer to her as CM candidate. But suppose if BJP wins West Bengal then what ? How to satisfy other prominent leaders of BJP who have been in party for several years will say? Those former TMC leaders who have recently joined bjp will do ?
    Do you remember how they fought each other at a rally? Whoever comes in politics , comes for power and money. Nobody prioritise welfare for people. Mithun Da is not coming In politics to serve the people. It is not his fault , nobody comes in politics to serve the people. He has come in politics because his career is almost finished in film industry.

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    After reading this post I split into laughter as BJP is not fallen party to depend on those who are from cine field to lead the WB if it win. I do regard and respect the the fame and pride of Mithun and he has good fan following. But being a party jumper of past he cannot be trusted by the ever vibrate WB voters. What I feel that Suvendu who is being pitted against the Mamta and if he defeats her, should be made the CM of WB because he made the first dare move to shift from the TMC to BJP and thus the entire TMC got rattled with his shift and therefore he must be ably rewarded with CM post.
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    Bringing in popular and known figures specially Bollywood celebrities in politics had been an old strategy for many political parties and BJP is no exception. But this does not mean that the particular celebrity will be offered the CM position in case BJP wins in the election. That would depend on many factors and one of the important factors is pre poll understanding. The incumbent is also jointing the party with some aspirations and hope and may not be happy if his aspirations are not met partially or fully. So, it is imperative that BJP high command will be deciding the case on merit basis.
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    Anything can happen in politics. Once West Bengal was the fort of communists, and now with TMC. There is a possibility that it would shift to BJP. If a celebrity is popular with good records and wins the election, and with the support of other BJP MLAs, he can be CM. Mithun need to work hard to get the support of the MLAs.
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    Bringing Mithun into BJP itself is a big gain for the BJP. BJP as such is not having much following in West Bengal. Defeating Mamata there is a very tough task for BJP. They want a crowd puller and they got such a person in Mithun. As mentioned by the author, BJP may project him as the Chief Minister of West Bengal if they get the majority and that may help the party in winning some additional seats.
    We can't rule out anything in Indian politics and he may become Chief Minister also. NTR of Ap became CM within 9 months of political travel. Many celebrities earlier became Chief Ministers and we don't know whether Mithun also may have that luck. Let us wait and see.

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    Mamata Banerjee is very popular leader in Bengal, it is very difficult to defeat her by Suvendu Adhikari from any constituency . And both of them contesting from only Nandigram seat. So it is unpredictable .
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    BJP will not open its cards until the game is over lest it should go against party performance. I don't think Mithun Da may be chosen as CM face, reason is that other senior leasers will not tolerate it. Holding any office needs lobbying in politics and veteran leaders of Bengal BJP have their base support of would be MLAs and it will be their stand to push high command while taking any decision but one thing is sure S. Adhikari has bright chances of holding this office provided that BJP wins and also he defeats Mamta Di.
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    BJP has taken a timely action by inducting Mithun Chakraborty just prior to Bengal Election and his inclusion in BJP may alter the party position in a big way. However, so far it would be difficult to predict the real outcome of the election results.
    However the way Mamata Banerjee mixes with the common people and her affinity for the Bengal People is amazing and the present situation suggests that she might get the blessing of the electorates. Let us see how the present equation changes.

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    The WB election scenerio is getting more interested as the PM Modi during his campaign wanted a change in the state and Mamta on the other hand wants a change in Delhi.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mithun Da called himself as cobra while prime minister was sitting on the stage. Does this type of language in a political rally especially when prime minister himself is sharing the same stage should be approved.. Such dirty politics is quite shamful at least it maligned the image of prime minister also.
    It is claimed that whoever joins BJP he is purified from all previous allegations but now what should be said about this old actor.
    Obviously he was attacking on Mamta Di by calling himself a Cobra but this language is not acceptable from a politician. Whether or not Mamta is defeated in this elections time will tell but how the level of politics is going down is against democratic values.
    I think there should be some rules about political speeches. I hope that he will be warned by BJP high command to let him control his tongue

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