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    Simple living and high thinking is a great mantra

    Gandhiji said that simple living and high thinking should be our way of life. Living simply entails stripping away the nonessential and focusing our time and energy on the things that matter the most. But we make our life so complex that we are entangled in it from top to bottom and despite trying to coming out of this maze  we are entangled more deeply. It happens when we oitreach our whims and desires and engrossed in accumulation of worldly luxuries which make our mundane more cluttered. I see several couples of the present day both are outgoers in search of more procurement of money to compete with their selfdefined rivals to uplift their status or at least maintain the same at par of theirs. And in  this process their lives have changed into a selfcreated machine which aims nothing but enlarging the scope of procuring more materialistic things which ultimately increase complexities for them. As a result they find a big vacuum in fulfilling their duties for their children also.

    When we  simplify our afffairs we are left with a life filled with meaning, a life that is lived on our own terms. We have the time and space to pursue our interests and to create the life we truly desire. It is often in the most simple things that we find true happiness.
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    SImple living makes our lives very happy. We need not take unnecessary pains to accumulate wealth and we can enjoy our life with whatever we have. But unfortunately many of us very greedy. Our desires and ambitions are always high. We look at the people who earn more than us and who appear as if they are having a comfortable life. We aim to earn equally with them if not more and our struggle starts from that point. If we are happy with what we get and will not run after money, we will have peace of mind. We will live happily. What minimum is required to have a living should be aimed. That will give us a lot of space to enjoy ourselves. Many times we see both the parents going out to earn and leaving their children in the house or with the servant maids. They feel that they are struggling for the future of their children only. Instead, if one of them stay home and spend time with their children the happiness they get can't be estimated for its cost. The bond between the parents and the children will improve and they feel very comfortable staying with their mother or father. But how many of us can think in these lines is a big question?
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    Yes, your thinking should be always in high standard in quality for the outsider means devotion for others. You can help others if you are minimalism demanding person only. There is a wise saying that if you had not consumed first ,you can not sacrifices. So it is essential to consumed simply less and sacrifices for the society. True simple living high thinking lifestyle is followed by the unprivileged and financially weak section of our society. Gandhiji was in the favor of the common people and advised others to maintain the simple life style in their families to unnecessary expenditures and do somethings for the people who needs attraction. So the meaning of the word was very deep in that period and it is also equally important in all time. Hence, we all should follow this concept for the benefits of the society at large.
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    It is good to live in simple way and have great thinking of life. The other day one of the relative has dropped his kid to be looked after for few hours as they were going for long drive. But the kid who was habituated to airconditioner at their house was not able to sleep in our house as we do not have that comfort. Though our children were born and borught up with minimum comforts when other children ask for comforts we get astonished as we never provided with comforts for our children. But those who get habituated to live with bare minimum he can survive anywhere in the world without the glitch.
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    The author has given the right message through his thread. It has been said earlier by many great writers - life will be simple, stress will behalf. We see that in today's time people have become very artificial. Life will not be simple if they are of the low standard with the wearing of ornamental garments. People spend a lot due to appearances and many times people become stressed due to their life. Because such people always start comparing their lives with the lives of others. People fulfill their wishes by fulfilling their desires, but desires are infinite, as soon as one wish is fulfilled, the other one becomes awake. The happiness of human beings is really rooted in contentment. If a man understands the difference between needs and desires, then many problems are solved. As simple as a person is, his life is as simple and relaxed.

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    Simple living requires a lot of control on our desires. Nowadays, people who can afford are changing their mobile phones in less than a years time. This is high degree of indulgence and craze but many of us doing that regularly. It is not easy to adhere to simple living as there is some element of sacrifice there.
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