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    Who controls your emotions in your life?

    Who controls your emotions in your life?
    That is a very big and important question in our life. The answer to this question is also very simple. Often the power to control our emotions is given to others. We will be happy if others say good things about us. We'll be sad if others say bad things about us. The complete power to control our emotions in our lives is given to others. That is why we are happy when they say good things about us and sad when they say bad things about us. This is an important thought I have to share with you today. We must have the absolute right to control our emotions in our lives. Do not leave it to anyone else. We are the ones who have to value ourselves first.
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    Emotions are the reactions of humans towards external as well as internal stimuli. In many case external factors are more pronounced. Another aspect is that some people are more emotional and sentimental than in comparison to others and it is usually due to the inherent genetic and upbringing environment factors. Being emotional is not a bad thing but being too mush emotional, sometimes creates setbacks and sadness in our lives. We should try to control ourselves to get least affected by outside factors as that is very necessary if we want to go ahead confidently in our path of journey of life.
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    Our emotions are our own and no one is going to guide us nor help us to retain our feelings. But invariably we do depend on others to control our emotions. The other day I had been to a death ceremony where is people are wailing and sobbing. But one woman uncontrollable and others are prevailing on her to stop too much crying. Over the persistent try from others the woman could stop the crying and this proves that we are some times driven by the orders of the others in controlling our emotions. But here the case was different and we cannot stop them to vent their feelings.
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    Emotions are not in our hands and it is quite natural when someone praises us we are pleased and when someone gives negative comments we feel bad and it is also a bitter fact that we can't escape from realities then why we should try to change it. If we are bad we should accept it, now if someone praises us we should not be pleased because he is lying and if we are good and someone says something bad about us , we can assess that he is lying . There is nothing to worry about it.
    However, if we are trying to overpower all emotions it requires tough process to go through spirituality. It takes a lot of time to reach the stage where nothing affect us but it's not easy to go. So I take the things on their merits without taking too much impact of theirs. This is my way to deal with such situations. And I tell you quite frankly no comment easily affect me -neither positive nor hegative.
    Moreover, if we speak good about others on their face or on their back they will not give negative comments about us.

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    Yes, human is the best creation of God, they have more emotions, sentiments, feelings etc. for others in the society over other living things. They feel happy with good news or feel bad with sad news. Everybody acquired this naturally and influences by the various outside factors. I have seen in the cinema hall in those days, when any sad sense happening in the movie, there is a sound of crying from the audience. It is fact that we all are emotional and dependent to others to control the same. But I think this also a symbol of love and affection towards others and a very good quality of humankind .
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    Emotions will be based on the actions of others. They can play with our emotions. If they know that you will get angry easily they will try to provoke. They will find out your weakness and exploit the same. This is what commonly happens to many of us in our lives. When somebody shouts at us we will also get angry and shout back at him. These are the natural happenings.
    But if we control our emotions we will have peace of mind. Somebody tries to provoke don't forget to keep your cool. Then they can't do anything. If somebody starts scolding you simply go on hearing. After some time he will get tired and keep silent. He will lose his energy. When he comes to normal you can explain to him your point of view so that he will understand you better.
    But many of us will not have that much control over our emotions. Doing prayers, meditation and yoga practising will make you more stable and can have good control over your emotions.

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    It is not bad to be emotional in some of the issues and at least by being emotional, we will serve the ailing humanity as for example, when we see an old lady begging in one side the road due to extreme hunger. We would take our initiative to help her to our level best.There are many stalwarts offering substantial help to the needy children and unprivileged class of people with their massive donations like Azim Premjee and Narayan Murti. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is doing its great job in alleviating the troubles of cancer patients with the offering of heavy subsidies for the helpless poors. They have the right combination of humanity with the sentimental approaches. To that extent, it is right but being over sentimental we are harming ourselves even loosing our peace of mind. Hence keep a check of our excess emotional overtones in every activities.

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    Emotions are the part and parcel of our lives. They will always be there. They could be happy moments or could be the saddest also. What will trigger our emotions cannot be told as it depends on the circumstances and our mind set as what will evoke our emotions or what not at that point of time. These things are taught in Psychology and it is an interesting area for understanding the emotional attributes in ones life. It is said that sentimental people are emotional but it is a bit difficult to differentiate between these two as they are closely related.
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    This is rightly said by the author, I also believe that we should not give our life's control into other's hands. When I was around 14 to 15 years old, I used to get upset while got to know something bad words for me from other friends or known person, those days my mother used to tell me 'do not take them too personally, they said it because they do not have any work to do, so they are just passing their time.' I feel good when I hear good word for me from other as we all do the same thing, but after sometime when I grew up I saw many people who say evil to the back of almost every person then I understood, people will always say good or bad about us and most of the time it depends on their own mentality, not on our acts. So we should not take things too personally and do not allow anyone to take the power of our emotions.
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    What I read from the books that a person cannot be affected by any external factors or circumstances if he let his mind accept or reject those matters. No one can hurt you without your consent. This is the essence of the matter. If a person says good things about you, you should be careful to look for any personal agenda of that person or not. Is that thing is beneficial to you or not. You have to be apart from the situation and then react.
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    Indeed a very well written. Our emotions are ours and as anyone would expect our emotions are managed by us however there are times that the external stimuli becomes overpowering and we lose the control over our emotions. Everyone has diffrent capacities when it comes to regulating and controlling their emotions. Human emotions are very complicated, even though the emotions are ours but the amount of time when others are able to effect it is amusing. Most of the time, the hurt we feel or the happiness we feel is because of others. It's the people around us that alter and effect our emotions. However there are times when we are able to contradict those emotions we feel by coping or we are able to repress them but these aren't the best idea. For someone to be emotionally independent it is necessary that they can override the way that the external stimuli may make them feel, it can be very hard but it's the best way to have control over your emotions. My emotions are very much controlled by myself even though I am effected by the external stimuli but I try to content myself and react in ways I desire.
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