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    What if politicians were locked up inside the Big Boss house?

    We all might have heard about big boss. It is very famous in multiple languages. Generally, celebrities are locked up inside the house with no access to a phone or any mode of entertainment. They are given certain tasks on daily basis and have to complete them to obtain some benefits. Since people with different mentalities and thinking are locked up together in the room, there will often be fights and arguments.

    I was just imagining how will the big boss be if the politicians from different parties are locked up inside the house. Generally, politicians are known for playing games and blaming other parties for what happens and etc. But how it might be if they are locked inside. We may observe them digging with people with their own parties and gelling with people with opposite parties with whom they might have never had a good rapport.

    How do you think big boss might look with the politicians inside it?

    Note: This is literally not possible and this thread is raised based on my imagination and looking forward for your imaginative thoughts on this.
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    One thing we should remember is all politicians are friends only. For example AP Ex CM Y Raja Sekhar Reddy and another Ex CM Naidu were always against each other when they are in public. They belong to different parties. They used to fight with each other on even very small matters also.
    But on personal grounds both of them were good friends. If Naidu wanted any help Reddy used to respond positively. Similarly if Reddy wants any personal favour Babu used to help him.
    So when all the leaders from various political parties are locked together different strategies will emerge. Even a new party will emerge. New friendships may emerge. But all will make an understanding in such a way that all of them will get benefitted even though citizens lose.

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    It would be a day dream to get the politicians inside the big boss house. Politicians are friendly in private and enemies in public. They might do well inside the big boss house, but who will clean and maintain the toilet, and who will cook and wash the utensils?
    I have read that one celebrity actress refused to participate in big boss because she did not want to clean the toilet and wash utensils. She questioned "Should I do these things to make little money?"

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    #725052: I think doing daily chores like washing the dishes and cleaning toilet is not a shame. We should do it without any hesitant. People delegate this work to save time and do other duties but it is not a bad thing to do. Anyways its her personal choice whether to do such things or no in their personal lives, though not in big boss.

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    Leaders are very clever people. They are rivals to each other . If they are given the opportunity and are locked up in a big house they will find it very difficult to adjust themselves. Indeed they will not fight each other because politically they have rivalry but practically they have amiable relations. Whenever any party is held most of the opposition party leaders are also invited but when they come on political platform they treat as if they're enemies to each other. I think they will spend their time happily without criticising each other.
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    This would be very interesting to observe as what these people would do there. Most probably some of them will make groups and instead of following the Big Boss directions, will start doing some politics and spoil the show. Politicians are so much habitual of politics that it is difficult to assume that they will not resort to it even in that secluded and sealed environment.
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    Politics are those people who are dreamers and risk-takers. They go at any level to rule. If they are in BigBoss's house, they will do everything so as to be a leader of the house. They will influence others by his or her style of influencing. They will freely express themselves. In public life, they try to be very friendly with people but in Big Boss's house, they will do as per the overall script they are given.
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    The imagination of the author need to be appreciated and my thoughts immediately went to whom would be those will be lodged in the Big Boss house and I am sure the ruling party and opposition may not like to be in this house as they cannot see face to face and cannot digest the fact of power being enjoyed by ruling party. But there is also apprehensions that politicians have the knack to change for the situation and in this case they may be simply behaving like long understanding friends for the sake of game and camera and later make political mileage out of the total episode.
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