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    How to define narrow mindedness ? Do we fall in this category?

    Lately I was reading a discussion on a forum and the topic is "Are Indians narrow minded?" . Surprisingly most Indian members were accorded to this view. This type of discussion appears to be serious for us. As a matter of fact while I being active members of other forums I would often noticed that American and Britishers have a bit similar opinions about Indians. However, I used to rebut them whenever I found them criticising Indian mindset though but it is not necessary that they can change their option about us. Should we need to introspect or not ,may be a question for a sane. I strongly condemn to generalise it if anybody does so. But it is an undeniable fact different people have different mindset. Some of them may be narrow minded but as far as general mass is concerned everybody can't be of this sort.

    We carry our own views, ideology which determine our mindset. How we take things by our own ways manifest our mindset. Now we have to see how we define narrow mindedness and also-  do we fall in this category or not ?

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    Everywhere narrow minded people are found. It is possible that their number may be more in our country or some other developing countries. Actually narrow mindedness is much related to self centred property of some people and they think only about themselves and do not bother for the society or the nation. To that extent we can say that they are actually selfish people.
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    Narrow-minded people are there everywhere. But the percentage may be more in our country. I don't know how far it is true also. Some people will have an open mind and they are open to any kind of suggestion and discussion. They discuss based on the issue and the solution suggested. They never take into their mind the person who brought that suggestion. For them, the priority is to solve the problem. They never wanted their suggestion should only be implemented. We find such people in the industry but the percentage may be less.
    Narrow-minded people always want their suggestions to be received as the best suggestion. They want that people should recognise their efforts and they think that they should get the credit for the problems solved. Such people never allow others to come out with innovative suggestions and they try to find fault with the solutions. They always think about them and their fame more than the organisation and problem-solving.

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    If the Americans and Britishers carry the impression that Indians are generally narrow-minded and if they are unwilling to change their opinion even after justifiable and satisfactory explanations, that means they are also narrow-minded. First of all, it is illogical to put a group of people under the same blanket. Narrow-mindedness is an individual characteristic and has nothing to do with their region or nationality. We have seen many racist overtures in Australia but would it be fair if we say that Australians are racists? So, it is not being about an Indian that should guide the foreigners to make such assumptions.

    Narrow-mindedness is a trait that prevents a person from accepting views that are different from his. It is a characteristic that does not permit him to see the logic. The fact is that he won't divulge his opinion even when he knows that he is on the wrong side. But then, as I said, it is an individual characteristic and cannot be/ should not be generalised.

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    It is not so easy to decide how narrow-minded a person is. If my mindset is correct according to me about a particular topic, but maybe someone else finds it narrow-minded or a person whose mindset is even smaller, then they will find my mindset broader. I think people who always try to degrade others by making negative things, in fact, the thinking of those people is actually narrow-minded, because their whole thinking is focused only on how to find the deficiency in others and such people do not want to open their thinking to see the world.
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