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    Today's children are too smart

    Today's children mostly are Whippersnappers who make their elders discombobulated by putting series of questions and sometimes elders seem to be perplexed at their buldozzing upon their mind. Even they are not going to be tackled by their teachers easily. I am a bit pushy here that only someone who has full command over his subject can cope with these young students. I see today's students rather mischievous. They can't be satisfied easily unless they grasp what is taught to them.

    Why we are watching this radical changes in the approach of small children even flummox me too. It could be due to changing environment of whole education scenario world wide. Children are browsing internet they are aware of where the world is going to . They are too smart to be stupefied by teachers or their elders at home. They may catch shortcomings of their teachers or elders if they give wrong information to them.
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    It is the fact that the children of present era are well informed and being posted with the right information at the tip of the tongue thanks to so many gadgets and knowledge galore at the disposal. Gone are the days when the parents used to take the help of grand parents for providing any information sought by the children as part of their developing mind daily. Now the parents themselves are well qualified and has the capacity to help and clarify the doubts of the child. Still the child feels that he is not attended properly and wants to approach others for more information and corrective answers. But children are smart enough to browse and know the things without even asking the parents and in this way the children are one step ahead than parents in information dissemination process much to the suprise of parents.
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    My experience is that children earlier were mischievous and question raisers almost in the same way as they are doing today and only difference is that today they have more exposure to the scientific advancements, new gadgets, TV programmes especially the cartoons etc, online games etc and they are loaded with more verbal ammunition than that of old times. The children by nature have an inquisitive mind and depending upon the atmosphere in which they are growing, they learn some traits which are very adventurous as well as mischievous in their nature. In this context, I remember the old famous story of Tom Sawyer in which he offers and exchanges the menial work of painting a fencing wall to his friend Huckleberry finn for an apple.
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    These days children are having a lot of exposure to various platforms which will keep them informed of everything. In earlier days what was happening around the world was not known to many. There are no TVs and no internet. Even newspapers were also coming very late. So children are no aware of the latest developments around the world.
    But these days all the children are having exposure to the internet, TVs and smart phones. They grasp the issues very fast. They think very smartly.
    My 3-year-old grand daughter asks many questions which are to be answered very patiently/ If she feels that we are not very serious in answering her questions she will not leave us and she go on asking the same question till she is satisfied. We have to tell her various examples from the epics and tell her what is right and what is wrong. Many children are like this and the teachers may be facing much tougher times with students as they are all the children of modern times.

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    Today the children are exposed to so many new things that we had even not imagined about them in our childhood. In addition to that parents have also become too conscious about the fact that their children should appear the smartest of the lot. In that aspirations, they are becoming too smart and playing those learned tricks sometimes on their own parents or relatives.
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