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    Competitive atmosphere is necessary for progress

    There are different ways of doing things. Some of them are the usual ones which do not require any specific skill but are to be taken up in a slow and steady mode and somehow completed and the worker feels happy that he has done it. There is no bench mark, there is no competition and whatever is done is satisfactory and no complaints made. Problem comes when there is competition and benchmarks to be adhered to with certain time frames are also there and there are many people in the fray to execute the same job with different efficiencies. Under that situation one gets under pressure to complete the task in an efficient manner within the stipulated delivery period. So, the competition has set in that situation and people have to work with concentration and focus using their all capabilities to do the things in best possible manner. Competition makes it tougher as parameters for success are benchmarked and have become relative to each other. But this is the competition only, which motivates and accelerates people to work in more efficient and better ways and progress ahead. What do the members think about this?
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    Rightly said by the author that competition atmosphere is necessary to bring out even best out of our renditions. When there no competition or the mentor to guide us or give the tips for better progress we may be lacing behind and that may lead to slow progress. If the competition if rife, and the contestants are equally poised to compete with their different ideas and skills, the the atmosphere would be very surcharging. Some may not like the race to fame and achievement through the competition but that remains that those who want to cast a spell and being performers of past, cannot digest the fact that they would lag behind than others. One thing is sure competition also brings us the new ideas as to how to proceed and perfect the existing talent. And for the sake of ego not to undermine our own talent we have to brace up.
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    When competition is not there then people become lazy and complacent and do their minimum bit to survive in the environment. It is only the competitive arena that brings excitement and thrill in the working. It also makes a comparative performance which is a big motivator for people to do more and more efforts in a particular field. The talented people are generally benefitted in a competitive environment.
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    Fair competition should always be there for the growth of individual person or an organization. Here I mention fair word which is actually needed of today's competitive market, many people follow unfair competition which is a wrong process. Only fair competition can bring a healthy competitive environment for the competitors. Competition is a process that pushes us to learn more and develop ourselves as per the demand of the time. There is no field where competition does not exist so people should take it as a challenge and do not afraid of the competition.
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    Our best will come out only when there is a competition. If there is no competition, whatever you do will appear great and you will get satisfied with that. When there is no tree nearby a small plant itself will appear as a big tree. When all the others are not as competent as you, you will be the best among them. You will somehow complete the task without taking any special pains. That will hinder your progress and development. So in a place where no competition exists chances for you to shine are less. In such places, we should make our own bench mark and try to go above the benchmark.
    If there is a competition and if you take that competition seriously and want to come out as the best in that competition, the best out of you will come.. You explore all the possibilities and will never leave any chance that will help you in achieving your target. That is why students who study in schools where competition is very high will do much better than the students from other schools.

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    I also feel that we should inculcate the feeling of competitiveness in the children right from their early age.
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    Competition is a process whereby talent and ability of participants are judged . It ehances and polishes their characteristics and develop their personalities too. They emerge as special out of commoners. I think all students should be encouraged to take part in various competitions. What I have observed is that limited number of students take part in competitions held in schools , rest all students play role of spectators. It is not good for them. I think every student should be encouraged on individual basis to enjoy all competitions held in schools. It is essential for their mental growth also. These small events infuse confidence and spirit of winning in them. It will keep them ahead in tough competitions which are likely to be faced in days to come. But they should not be pressurised to win the competitions under all circumstances as it may disturb them mentally, especially, if they face unsuccess in held events.
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