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    Sometimes lack of time increases our working capacity.

    We often found sometimes we plan a lot but are not able to complete it within the time and when we realize that now we have less time and more work, then often we start to panic. In general, two conditions are created here, first either we will panic and waste the remaining time, or if we keep ourselves restrained and think for some time with a relaxed, calm mind, then we will understand that we still have our remaining time and rest work can also be done according to the new plan. When we choose the second option, our brain helps us in increasing our ability to do the work, and in most of such cases, we do more work in less time, with good quality.
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    This situation will not rise of if the work is started on right time and in right direction according to planning of getting it executed. We generally waste our time instead of taking steps for it. It is natural to be panic when we are lacking or short of time to complete the work on time , our mind gets disturbed in this situation.
    This is why wise people emphasise on time management. How to use time in hand meticulously and carefully affetcs a man's capacity and performance . Some old people are of habit of starting their work much prior to time of the work. If they have to go somewhere by train or bus they leave their home for station or bus stand much prior to scheduled time. They don't accept your suggestion that train is coming late. These old people never miss the train . This is their way of life. We can learn some good lessons from them how to manage our time concerning any work or project. It will help us a lot to work calmly and without any confusion.

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    When we have enough time for a particular work, we will be lazy to start the work and we will think there is a lot of time. At the end we realise that we are short of time and we have to hurry. As the author said, if we choose the second option, it works out like a miracle. At the last moment we will gain the energy and speed somehow and we will have a great determination to complete the work.

    Our brain will also work sharper than before and we will end up with quality work also. If we have this determination every time, then we can achieve many things.

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    Yes, the situation often arises during last hours of examination hall or when last 15 minutes bell are there. One can imagine the then situation if could not write the complete answer. The brain functioning and heart functioning both reaches the top level with a short breathe also. Then what can be done, what your brain think write those things with full hand speed only. I do not think your brain will permit you to cool down or able for thinking any deep through. Only read the question and write the answer. Because if you do not write anything there will be no marks, if you start somethings there may be a pass marks. So time management is very much important in every works in our life or for every success, otherwise there will be every situations.
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    If we have a plan and start working as per the plan on time we will not generally encounter such problems. Sometimes even though we start in time and go as planned also we may get some unexpected problem. Then we will be in a fix. We should not get panic. We have to use our brains properly and try to come out of the situation. Many people get worried and never think properly. That will make them very shaky and they can't progress further. This is not the correct way.
    We should pause for a while and understand where the wrong step took place and how to overcome the same? In those directions, they have to think, discuss and correct the mistake and progress further. When we do this we may complete the task much earlier than expected also. When we think about the subject with more inputs chances of getting better solutions are high.

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    When it is lack of time situation then we become panicky and too much concerned and feel apprehended and in that excitement try to complete the task at any cost but it has its own cost and the price is eventually paid by us only. That is the reason our elders always told us to start the work sufficiently ahead whenever we are going to attempt something in our lives so that the shortage of time should not be a reason for failure or incomplete attempt. It is always a better strategy to keep sufficient time in hand. It is to be noted that time is never short in our lives, it is only the priority that we assign to the different tasks.
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    Suppose when we have gone to office late with permission and the work is kept pending for want of our presence and attending the same. the time would be less and other departments would be waiting to finish the same. Sometimes we feel that the working hours is not enough to finish the task which were pending since days and in that case working for long hours become essentials. Some works need to be urgent and cannot be kept pending and in that process the other works get held up which need to be attended without fail otherwise the remark would be severed and even punishment.
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    We often face such situations during exam times or going on a journey and find that there is only 20 minutes in hand while the station is at least 15-20 minutes far. The heart starts pulsating and we feel worried. We tell the cab driver to drive fast though he will be constrained to do so due to the traffic. Another thing is that if time is not there we will not be able to do justice to the work and definitely going to spoil it.
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