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    The crowd of devotees at Kumbh Mela in this Corona period.

    The importance of Kumbh Mela has always been in India over the years. The information about the Kumbh bath is known to almost everyone. The Kumbh Mela of this time has been organized in Haridwar, for which planning by the people is also being in the process.

    As usual, we have often seen that some natural or man-made disasters happen suddenly in such places and people who have gone to the fair have to be harmed in many ways, yet people go to such places due to their spiritual importance.

    It is understandable to some extent, but this year, when the corona epidemic has shown its terrible form and still the cases are not getting reduced, in such a situation to what extent this negligence is right? I do not understand how people can take risks with their own and their family's life due to spirituality or superstition, for whatever reason.

    In such cases, it is not understood who should be blamed, the government which did not ban such events or the people who are thinking the Kumbh Snaan is more important than the lives of themselves and their families. Members, I would like to know your views on this matter.
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    People dont take it seriously if they have to go for it they will go to kumbh mela. People become serious if they see responsible authorities are also taking care of it. People are unwilling to accept that corona virus still exists. We have seen lockdown and for this long period we were locked behind doors and even during that period all political activities were taken place in Madhya Pradesh when Kamalnath government was toppled by political monouvering. We experienced this incident. When the responsible authorities did not take it seriously even during period of corona virus why people would take it seriously now. We saw Bihar elections how the crowd was gathered in political rallies of all political parties. There was no management to get physical distancing might be kept. When such thing happens we forget about any precautions because the people who are telling us to take precautions are inviting people to be inflicted with corona virus, most of the people will not care about defined guidelines in kumbh mela too.
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    Many people forgot Corona. We are seeing crowds everywhere without masks and no question of social distance. Many places of worship are crowdy these days. But they are not allowing the people inside if they are not wearing a mask. All precautions are being taken.
    But controlling mob in big gatherings is very difficult and chances of virus spreading are very high in such gatherings. So we should restrain ourselves and we should not take the risk of attending such functions. We can pray in our houses. We can take a head bath in our house. If everything is normal in the coming year we can go and have the darshan. The devotees should think in these lines.
    The government will never advise you not to go but ask you to follow the rules. But it is your life and you have to decide on the risks you can take and accordingly only you should work.

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    Frankly speaking all types of congregations should be barred by the Govt during the corona times. But Govt is not able to do it because of the sentiments of the people whether it is political gatherings or religious congregations. Clearly it is the weakness of the Govt whoever is in power today. Govt cannot go against the sentiments of the people due to political reasons and that is the main problem in our democratic system that at the end of everything the vote politics comes in picture. As regards people, we already know that most of the people are religiously blind and would do anything to satisfy their religious cravings. God is great as He is giving divine power to these people to intentionally jump in the fire at any time.
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    No one cares or dares Corona. Everything is going on its normal way. Marriage halls are filled. Political rallies are taking place. Look at the protesting farmers crowd on the borders. Cinema halls are open. Same is the case with Kumbh Mela. It is the individuals choice whether to go to Kumbh mela ground and take a dip. And leave everything to God. I do not think the gathering would be large like the previous years. The government won't go behind the individuals.
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    I do agree that during this corona reappearing in many places, it is better to have the restraint and follow the rules to the hilt. But religious sentiments cannot be controlled in the name any desease spread and the people are aware of their own risk mingling and having bath at the crowded place. But again the govt should anticipate overr whelming response and make arrangements so that the devotees would not pool together at bathing ghats and follow the sincere covid rules. Govt need not harm the religious sentiments by asking people not to visit the Kumbh mela but it can always issue directives to follow the rules strictly. Moreover the law enforcing agencies are on the job to regulate the crowd orderly so that no gatherings takes place at one place. Nevertheless this is challenging for the organizers and the crowd.
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