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    Can astrologers predict outcome of elections successfully?

    The mind of the voter is very complex. He or she decides what to do, only at the last minute. This being so, in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where elections are bound to be held on 6th April 2021, there are now a good number of astrologers who seem to be very keen to predict the winner.

    Of course, as usual, there are too many winners, depending on the numerous astrological opinions now being talked about. The vital question is: has this happened in the past? Have the astrologers been able to accurately predict the winner in any election in the past?

    I really do not remember such an astrological prediction. Those with some accurate knowledge of astrology and its predictive capabilities, may please share their views.
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    My answer to this question is " NO".
    Many astrologers look into the horoscopes of the candidates contesting and predict their future based on the placement of various grahas in the chart. The predictions will have a basis. But no book will say that if the planets are like this he will become king. They can say whether the time is good or bad, What is good and what is bad for an individual can't be decided by them. Sometimes these predictions go well and some times may not go well. All is probability only.
    Voters are very peculiar. They behave in a different way when they enter the voting booth. What their heart suggests then at that time is not known. As such nobody can predict what is going to happen and who is going to win. If somebody's prediction goes well, there will be a good advertisement and that particular astrologer will come into the limelight.
    In my opinion, we should not take such predictions very seriously.

    always confident

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    Astrological predictions are like intelligent conjecturing and the results can be anything. Literally speaking, they are predictions only. There are many things in the world which people follow and believe but no one knows for surety whether these things work or not. If it works more people start believing in it and otherwise they search some reason as why it did not work and then next cycle of predictions start.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If the astrologers know the horoscope details of parties which are fighting for the elections and the chief of every party decides the outcome of the elections through his campaign style and how he takes on the opponents. If the details are available like time of birth, place of birth and birth star, Indian astrologers can predict exactly what may be the outcome on May 2nd when the results would be out. Unfortunately vague astrologers predict cash for prediction and that does not go well. Sincere astrologers with input can try and predict rightly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Never ever go to an astrologer to know the election results. Almost all the astrologers are silent after their good prediction about the year 2020. No one could predict the corona or covid-19. They are feeling shame and hiding their faces. All the astrologers present are half baked astrologers who would say that the baby would be a boy, if not a girl.
    No life without Sun

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    I do not think that an astrologer can predict the accurate result of the election. Astrology is also a science of the universe, stars, planets, etc, which helps people for planning their future as per the astrologer's prediction, but it does not possible every time that every prediction will be true. It is a study and it gives an estimation of your future plans.

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    If elections are to be decided by astrologers' predictions then what is the need of conducting rallies, mobilising voters, spending millions of rupees, taking the help of media, advertisement and other means.They should sit in their offices calmly because astrologers have declared them winners. Astrology exist because some people want to please their heart because they want to listen some good outcome. Anyways some people believe in Astrology some people don't believe .and everybody is free what he should believe in or what he should not believe in nobody can dictate him.
    We see several surveys and predictions by news channels. Sometimes their predictions come closer to the result and sometimes they are proven wrong. It's merely a conjecture.

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    Astrological predictions can happen rightly if the information imputs are given rightly and even today the predictions hold good because the person who is contesting matters.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One astrologer predicted actor Vijaykanth's horoscope and said that he would become Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Based on the astrologer's prediction, the actor launched a party DMDK. Though his party could manage to be a third political party in Tamilnadu, his party could not survive alone, but had alliance with AIADMK and won few seats. Now Captain Vijaykanth is sick and not able to speak and manage his party owing to his heavy drinking habits. His party is now being managed by his wife and son. As of latest, DMDK broke alliance with AIADMK and trying for alliance with DMK. So, Don't go behind the astrologers.
    No life without Sun

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    I am of the opinion that the astrologers cannot predict the outcome of elections exactly.
    For that matter even psephologists also cannot predict exactly.
    There will be a range or a margin of error for both predictions.

    I am sure that there may not be much number of astrologers who can predict just by astrological calculations and principles and with out being biased or without being influenced by the trends and data with them.

    What most astrologers follow is to analyse the horoscope(Kundli), the leader/ leaders of a side and then based on some practical trends and precedents give out a prediction. Some others analyse the horoscope(formation time) of a party additionally too and project and synchronise and collate with that of the leader also.

    But nowadays those 'practical, smart business wise ' astrologers predict in such a way that the prediction can be interpreted in any way we want later.

    Astrological prediction will be more correct in regard to individual candidate's prospects if the astrologer has the correct horoscope of the individual and has the knowledge and experience in analysis and prediction. Sometimes even the horoscope of the spouse and family members also needed to give accurate predictions.

    In regard to elections the prediction by astrologers, psephologists and expert political observers need to be taken just as interesting time-pass before and after elections.

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    @K. Mohan

    "If the details are available like time of birth, place of birth and birth star, Indian astrologers can predict exactly what may be the outcome on May 2nd when the results would be out".
    You mean to say if all details are known to a astrologer he may predict result. Does any astrologer exist who can foretell about future event/incident/accident if he has the knowledge of time of birth , place of birth and birth star. How many astrologers are in India who have this knowledge of these three clues ?

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    Astrologers always predict about these things but we should not take that seriously because their success ratio is more of statistical nature. They also use some common sense and news reports for making a prediction. We can also do such predictions based on the current political situation and political equations in the country but the guarantee of their coming true is minimal.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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