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    How appropriate is it to judge one's hard work by the results?

    Should results alone be the decisive factor in assessing the effort put into the task? What are the other aspects that one must consider forms the topic of this forum discussion.

    It is natural that when a person makes a goal, then he/she also applies all his/her efforts to achieve it and does not stop until he/she achieves the goal or success. Such people create an image in the society from which it is understood that after working hard, there is definitely a desired result. But sometimes some people work hard and unfortunately do not get the result they want and sometimes due to circumstances or some compulsions of life, people have to give up their goals.

    People often ignore the hard work of such people. I would like to mention a very common example here, for those candidates who work hard day and night to prepare for the government job examination, but some are selected and some are unable to get the selection. In this situation, hard work is done by both types of people at their level, but if the results are not equal, is it appropriate to deny one's hard work by its result. What do you think about this?
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    One must inculcate the habit of appreciating and applauding the works of others and if it happens to be hard work and very tricky through which the other person has achieved the success, surely that trait must be appreciated. By our appreciation the person would be more positive and moving with further energy to deliver very good results in future also. If the appreciation is not in timing and not worthwhile the hard working person would loose the confidence and energy in the course of time and may even perform slow and no results also. So appreciation need to be done.
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    Hard work is to be appreciated. Again the work done and the result obtained may be different from a person to another person. A person who works day in and day out to getting qualified in an examination may not get qualified. But another person may get qualified. In this context, we can't blame the other person. He did his duty well but couldn't get qualified. It is unfortunate. We can't say that he has not taken enough trouble. We should encourage the other person who couldn't get qualified to give another try. He may get qualified in that attempt. In addition to our hard work, many other factors should also help us in getting qualified.
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    Many people do hard work but they all do not get same amount of success. So, from simply seeing one's success and prosperity in life we cannot assess what type of and in what amount the person might had done the hard work. Result depends on many factors and just seeing the position and place of a person today it is really difficult to conjecture about his efforts. It would be a guesswork only.
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    Hard work has to be be appreciated always. Life is a race and it's impossible for everyone to be in first place. It doesn't mean that only the winner has worked hard. All others also do as per their ability.

    I have also seen people who discourage and blame someone for not getting selected for a government job. A husband did not speak to her wife for not getting a government job.

    Is that correct? Instead he can encourage her to try again so she will definitely succeed next time with the support.

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    Why should we judge others in any way? People are not requesting us to pass a judgement or take a side rather many of us remain concerned about the activities of others and unnecessarily make comments. One who got selected for a government job and another who is not selected for that job may have made equal efforts but the result is different and in that case, if a third person is acting as a judge to find out who has given more efforts and criticising the person who has not succeeded, I would say the person is not doing any justice to her/himself. No need to criticize or deny the level of effort one has given to achieve a target but failed. If you are aware of how to reach the target, suggest the ways to the person otherwise it's better not be judgemental for the sake of being judgemental.

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    Only winners are remembered . Who came second in position his name remain in obscurity. I am talking about sports where only a racer who wins the race only his name is highlighted , who came second and third have no importance. The author has asked this question what about a person who works hard but does not succeed. What is the point in hollow appreciation for such a person because pangs of his failure can't be healed rather too much sympathy with such a guy will change him into a pathetic figure that everyone comes to console him as if they are paying condolences on his failure.
    A person does not want that his diligence should be recognised by other people. He knows very well why he could not succeed. However, his close people should encourage him to try again it will propel him to have another try. If he wants some other means prior to having another try his family should provide and fulfil his demand if they can do it.

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