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    Spend more time with people than electronic devices.

    We are living in a digital world and there are much many things to see around the globe via digital media. After coming landline telephone in India, most of us forgotten the letter writing system and maintaining relationship by physical presence. After that various electronic devices are there in the society through attractive informative platform, which make everyone busy with them. We do not go to the bank, post office, shopping market etc also. All we are operated by sitting in the home or from anywhere. We do not meet our Relatives, Neighbor ,Friends etc. I think we are going far from our culture. Yes, the benefits which we can taken from the media apart from personal relationship may be taken. But total dependency on devices will adversely affect on social relationship. The modern children are going to becoming more media device oriented that should be controlled. What is your thinking, please share.
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    Technology has a great advantage in our lives. We pay bills online. We need not go to bank anymore. Everything from groceries to readymade food is just a click far away. We can take everything as an advantage of technology but not at the cost of losing relationship to the rest of the world.

    People are so much involved using the gadgets that we are too busy to spend time with children also. Even the children are not spending quality time by playing. Instead they are stagnant sitting in front of the mobiles playing games and watching videos.

    The children don't even want to talk to the guests arrived at the house. It's in our hand to take control of it. If it continues, then they take control of us as we will be so much addicted to it.

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    There is a need to balancing the use of electronic devices, access to anything that can harm you in any manner. People should understand this no electronic device can replace a human, and when there were no electronic devices still a person was there with us which plays an important role in our life. Nowadays people want to engage themselves with social media by these electronic gadgets but do not want to be social with their people and this is a bad practice. Be social in the real world would be the better option for all of us.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Good advice from the author and it is the fact that people are getting more glued and used to the electronic devices and not caring to meet the people personally. Gone are the days when the invitations and fuctions invite are called through personal visit and that had the enhanced bonding. Now the people are chosing the social media invite through family groups and thus the personal touch is lost. I appreciate some elders who have shunned the usage of cell phone citing the reason that they are not accustomed to use the same and they would loose the bonding of the people, Probably they are right.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    All most for one year we are not in contact with people. We are talking to them over the phone but not met them due to COVID 19. This one year we used electronic devices for our benefit. If those devices were not there we might have gone back to very olden days when only postal letters are keeping people in touch. These devices came in handy for the students to continue their studies online when they are not able to go to the schools.
    Now slowly normalcy is coming back. We are trying to move out by taking all precautions and trying to meet people. But still, many people are having the fear and till the vaccination is complete we may not be able to meet people freely. So we may have to continue using these devices for some more time.
    But one should know to what extent they should use these devices and when to stop. When there are people in the house, without spending time with them spending time on these devices is not good.

    always confident

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    We are in the age of science and technology . The world is moving in this direction and it can't be veered off. In villages tradition of sitting together still exists. When we sit together we share our happiness ,sorrows, joy, thoughts and much more. It creates a strong bond between individuals. In old age there were clubs in western countries where people could meet and that was the common pastime place. Still we have clubs but mainly they are for retired people but for commoners there is a crisis of such places where they can interect with each other. Whence internet has covered our life our space has been shrunk to a limited corner which is known as social media. We can spend a lot of time with our neighbour on social media but we have no time to visit home  and spend some moments in person together.

    We are close to each other on social media but  in real life we are far from each other.

    Everybody wants to change this situation but rub is that nobody cares of taking initiative to revive tradition of visiting each other. After all someone has to take a step why not it's- you and me?

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    Electronic gadgets especially smartphones and laptops are very useful for the people who are using them for the official work and are a part of their efforts for earning bread and butter so they cannot stop using them but apart from that a large population is today engaged in those devices merely using it for playing games, surfing aimlessly, spending time in social media and are I would say simply wasting their time. It is going to be a bigger problem in the future as people will be more addicted to some virtual games which are of course much simpler than the real life struggles and in this way this menace of online addiction will be destroying the social fabric of humans. It is time to ponder about these negative effects of smartphone indulgences which are harming us in many ways but we are tempted rouse them in spite of all these dangers. It is not only the younger generation which is at the threat but all of us who have learned as how to use these devices and plunge into the false territories.
    Knowledge is power.

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