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    Did you visit a Covid vaccine center?

    When the vaccination drive was started for the general public after the initial phases for healthcare workers and frontline personnel, there was, on the one hand, reluctance, and, on the other, a rush by senior citizens and those over 50 years with co-morbidities who were eligible to take the vaccine shot. That rush did create some chaos and crowding on the first day. Now things are well-settled and more systematic and efficient. Even the registration process had initial issues and at first, the instruction was to register only at the Government portal (, but now people can register on the Arogya Setu app as well (not the CoWin app, from what I understand).

    In my case, I am not in the eligibility queue and won't be for a good while. In any case, as mentioned earlier, I am as such not in any hurry to take the vaccine. I would like members to share their experiences if they or anyone they know, have visited a government vaccination center or a hospital to take the first dose of the vaccine. The information will be useful for others. Specifically, you can let us know if you used the mobile app or the online portal; whether you had to wait for long at the vaccination center due to long queues or technical glitches there, did you wait for 30 minutes after taking the vaccine as is the requirement, etc. Also, was there any pain in the arm later or did you experience any other issues after the first dose?
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    Last Sunday I had been to Govt hospitals for the vaccination but they are not giving on Sundays and on regular days only 100 tokens given. Private hospitals are welcoming for vaccination. But the timings are not suiting because we are working and we cannot afford their timings. There is no urgency as we have to wait for the rush to subsidize and we should not get other deseases. Now the govt wants to give vaccines for people more than 45 years to 60 years and thus one should not rush for the vaccination as for now. Moreover the vaccine centers are not nearby and side effects need to be given time.
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    I am eligible by age but not in a hurry to take the vaccine. I strictly follow the SMS (Sanitizing -Masking-Social distancing). I will go to vaccine centre only when there is no registration and no queue to stand and wait. I have enough patience and tolerance to wait.
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    On 02-03-2021, I registered myself, my sister, brother, and sister-in-law for the first dose of Covid vaccination. All of us are above 60 and eligible to get vaccinated. The registration was done using the web portal ''. The details of the registration are available on the internet and the instructions are self-explanatory. I have registered for vaccination on the forenoon of 04-03-2021, with a private hospital near to my house. On the appointed date, we went to the hospital at 9.30 AM. We carried the document shown while registering as ID proof. We can show any one of the following. Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, etc. We have given our Aadhaar cards as ID proof. I stood in the queue which was very small with about 10 people. The ID proofs were verified by them with their list and paper tokens with the number on them were given. After that at another counter, the numbers were called and money at Rs 250/ candidate was collected and a receipt was given. Then we were taken to the vaccination room and there we were vaccinated one after the other. After vaccination, we were asked to sit in the adjoining room for half an hour. After that, we were allowed to go out if there are no symptoms.

    There was no pain while giving the injection. We are not to rub the injected spot. Verification and payment of money took half an hour. After vaccination, we sat there for half an hour. Total one hour or less to get vaccinated depending on the crowd. On that day more than 100 people got vaccinated there. We did not face any problems. We did not get any side effects also. Everything went on smoothly.

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    So far I have not visited any vaccination centre. For the last 40 days, I am away from Hyderabad and I am staying in our native village. I don't know whether I can get registered here and get the vaccination done. So I have not made any attempt. I may be back in Hyderabad by the 20th of this month. After that, I will plan for vaccination. Here many people are getting their vaccination done in private hospitals. I am also planning to go to a private clinic and get vaccinated. Some of my relatives got their vaccination done and they are fine. No side affects.
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    We are planning to go for it by the weekend. What I heard from other persons who have got the shot is that the arrangement in general is very good and though it takes time as per the existing queue at that time but people are happy with the courteous approach of the staff and other facilities provided at the place. It is a massive operation of its kind and if it goes on smoothly then it is definitely a remarkable thing.
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    I myself have not yet visited the Covid Vaccine Center, some members of the family have been vaccinated, all of them are over 60 years of age. When I came to know about their experience with them, they responded very positively. All the working people on duty present at the center are dealing with love to overcome the doubts of everyone with considerable results, especially with the elderly. My brother, who took the elders of my house for vaccination, has also told good things about the process. I think the public is satisfied with this vaccination process. I will get to know my experience later and there is still a long time for that.

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    KVRR - many thanks for sharing your experience. May I know if they informed you when you need to take the second dose? Are we supposed to register again, or they will send a reminder alert with the date and time on our phone?

    K Mohan - you could have confirmed beforehand whether or not the vaccine was being administered on a Sunday. As for "inconvenient" timings, well, we need to make the effort to go once we register and are given a date and time. Don't we do so when at other times we are unwell and visit our physician? Don't we keep aside work and travel a long distance to attend a function which is not nearby? Keep in mind that if we fail to turn up at the time designated, the vaccine may get wasted (it can be used for walk-in, but otherwise, it will go waste). There have been reports of massive wastage of vaccines, which is sad. When healthcare workers are working round the clock for the vaccination drive, should we get peeved at timings assigned to us? We can adjust other work for this, surely.

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    Today I got the messaage of registration for covid vaccine on Saturday fore noon and the slot has been booked through website. The hospital is nearby my home.
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    I asked them about the second dose. They said it will be on the 28th day after the first dose. We have to leave out the day of vaccination and count 28 days. I was informed that a message will be sent about the day of second vaccination. I came to know that in some hospitals they are giving a card indicating the day of second dose of vaccination. For the second dose also we may have to register or the hospital will itself register when we go there for the second vaccination. Things will be more clear in the coming days.
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    The vaccination drive is going on very smoothly as per the news we are getting and it is said that yesterday about 20 lakh people were vaccinated. This is an encouraging trend and it makes our belief to be further confirmed that India can do anything in a systematic manner as there is no dearth of efficient manpower. I am planning to get the vaccine next week and my friends who have taken it, have informed me that one can register the slot or go straight and register there itself and get a token. It may take some more time but many have done like that. They also told that they have got a SMS about their first dose and that can be used to show to the officials when they go for the second one. As the things are being managed through Aadhar card it is natural that chances of mistakes would be minimal. Let us wish for the success of this mega health activity in our country.
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    So K Mohan, did you take the vaccine, and did the whole process go off smoothly? You had raised a thread a few months ago when your daughter had taken the vaccine in the first phase since she is studying for MBBS. I had requested at that time for an update from her directly, which I understand she could not do due to her obviously busy schedule. So how about you giving us an update about her experience after the second dose which by now she will surely have taken? As I mentioned elsewhere in the forum, there have been media reports about arm pain and slight flu in some cases after the second dose. Did Amruta, too, experience the same or any other effects?

    I would also like to know from those who did take the vaccine whether they were aware of which vaccine was administered to them, Covishield or Covaxin. Although we cannot choose, can we at least ask and be aware when we go to take the vaccine? I think it is necessary to know which one because, if, going ahead when more research is done on how long the vaccine will protect us and related research on antibodies, we are expected to take a second vaccine again after a year, then perhaps we may be required to take a vaccine other than the first one. Just a thought, no knowledge of this!

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    My daughter had the second done on 4th of this month and she even wrote exam on that day. So it was painful for the first dose for 12 hours on the hand where it was injected and second dose was booster. At present the govt and private authorized hospitals and diagnostic centers are given the rights to administer the covid vaccines to the locals who are elders or more that 45 years of age. And those who are more than 60 years of age are given free vaccine with nothing asked. But those who are below 60 age are asked doctor certification about present health condition and 25 vaccines are allotted to those persons. That means 125 vaccines can be done per day from Monday to Saturday. If Sunday is also included it would have great help for employees.
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    Yesterday I was supposed to have vaccine yesterday but postponed to next Saturday forenoon due to non availability volunteers at the center. So it means volunteers are not paid and they are not coming.
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    So far as I have seen in Chennai the specific places for covid injection is kept and maintained clean and the treatment to the persons for getting injection is found warm even in Government centers where the injection is free of cost

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    I did my registration through the MOH app that is available here in the month of Jan but was eligible now and got the appointment of today i.e. 15 March 2021 at 8:30 AM. The vaccination center is a big one as it is an Exhibition center(Daharan Expo, KSA) and just returned from my 1st shot of the Pfizer vaccine. I have also got the date for the 2nd dose i.e. on the 03rd of April 2021 at 6:00 PM.

    Now about my experience at the vaccination center. The center is well managed with many volunteers or workers at every entry. At the entrance to the vaccination center, the guard asks for the app that helps them know if you are infected with Corona, after that, there are people checking your registration which includes the date, time, etc. Further, you have to give a photo of their registration or counting process. after this the volunteer will ask you to go to the registration counter and get yourself the token and the counter where you can move for the vaccination. I got the token and had to wait for my number to be displayed on the screen which just took a minute. I was asked to follow the yellow color which would take me to the block which was assigned to me. There were nearly 5 blocks(A, B, C, D, and E) and every block had some 8-10 counters with a nurse to give the dose. As I reached the block, the volunteer checked my token and asked me to go to the vacant counter. The nurse asked me to sit and took the token from me and asked for the language in which I am comfortable. She then briefed me about the vaccine, the normal effects that one can have, my medical history, the hand that I would like the shot to be taken. She then recorded the same in the chart, took the vaccine, and then gave me the 1st dose. After the dose, they asked to follow the same yellow color and go to the exit area where they have a waiting area. As I was going out, at the exit, they again recorded the token no. I sat at the waiting area for 15 minutes where they had plenty of chairs and water for the people. After about 15 minutes, I walked to the gate where they scanned my token and then asked me to move to the exit. Before the exit, they have placed a board where one can take the picture with the date mentioning, "I got vaccinated for Corona". The complete process just took me 20-25 minutes. Within an hour, I got a medical report in the registered app about the vaccination, the name of the vaccine, the date of the first dose, etc. It was a good experience. Now, here they have started give doses to every registered member. I did not find any problem and so with other colleagues who have taken their dose last month. Hope it will be helpful for others.

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    K Mohan and Varghese, thanks for sharing the details. I read in the newspaper that within a few days we may be able to select the vaccine we would like to have administered. I am actually looking forward to a vaccine that may not require a second dose at all, but perhaps that may be available only after many months once more research is done and clinical trials are successful.
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    Please do check out Venkiteswaran sir's first-hand experience in this thread.
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    Thank you Saji, for referring my thread in your above post.
    Yesterday itself I could download the certificate for taking the Ist dose vaccine. I was given Covishield vaccine as certified.
    There was no glitch in these formalities and operations.
    My inner feeling is that the vaccination for other age groups will be open very soon as people are now aware, the first and second stages are smooth and govt proposes to open more centres including mass vaccination centres, 24 hour service centres. I have seen announcements regarding 'Vaccine on wheels' in city like Chennai.

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    On 15th of this month, I went to Hindu Mission Hospital, Chennai with my elder brother for his Covid vaccination. Immediately after payment of Rs.250, they provide us with a token and asked us to wait along with others. By token wise they gave injection and asked us to relax for more half an hour. We came out after that. By evening we got a message in SMS on my brother's mobile with which we could not open the link to get or download the certificate. On contacting them they told this may because of server problem and further they asked me to send the date, age, name of the vaccinated person through whatsapp. On sending I got the certificate through wahatsapp after one hour. Really a good service.

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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman - Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you and your brother pre-register or were you able to just walk-in and get the vaccine?

    Venkiteswaran - The Vaccine on Wheels service was good feedback. I had not even known that such a facility is available! On looking up their website, I could see that they also provide to gated communities and had informed a relative of mine. However, it seems currently they are not providing Covid vaccination service. I suppose they will require permission from the Central Govt. Health Ministry and be able to provide the necessary storage facilities as well.

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