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    Some brain work to my fellow ISCian

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    Last week, I went to a mall and was lured by a mug in which my birth zodiac was printed. It looked very attractive and I bought it. Later, at home, while I was sipping coffee from that mug, I found something strange in that mug. When I went through throroughly, I observed a mistake in the printed of information. I am not happy about it. The manufacturers charge heavily for the mug but fail to check the information on it.

    Can you find out the defect that I have found out in that mug.

    The image of the mug is attached herewith.
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    By the way for that matter no manufacturer forces the customer to buy their products are services without verifying the facts. In fact you had the full liberty to go through the product from all sides and should have decided whether to buy or not. And now complaining about the content in the mug is somewhat late action from the author to which he has to go through the mistake for not having verified before making purchase.
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    This is hardly brainwork! Brainwork means applying one's mind to something deeply puzzling. It is merely a spelling error of the word sign which has been put as sing and which happens to be a common error that people do even when typing on the keyboard. I am not sure of the dates as well, since there are various versions of it.

    You could have taken care to check before buying instead of buying it in haste if you were that bothered about the design and word errors.

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    You did not apply your brain to find out the mistake, but simply commented on the post which was not expected, but to score some points, as usual. Not appreciable.

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    On first instance while glancing it, I also found the same mistake of wrong spelling of the word 'sign'. It is quite a conspicuous one. If one has purchased from Amazon or some online store like that, they will accept the return easily but these local stores whether they will take it back or not, we do not know. One can try to return it and buy some other items for adjustments if they agree.
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    I have also just viewed that and that is the only thing that we can see on the first glimpse and that is the spelling of the word sign. How the company making that item has not seen so conspicuous an error is not understood.
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    Thanks for having a good look at my thread's photo image. I appreciate Vandana for detecting the mistake first.
    Yet there is another mistake in the same mug. I am attaching that part here. Please find out the second mistake.

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    Hi, In second image the name of the Zodiac sign is wrong. It should be Capricorn not Capricon.

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    Kamal kishore,
    Well done. You got it.
    I did something to cover up the first mistake. Look at the image now. Anyway, I cannot do anything with the second mistake on the name of the zodiac. On one side it is absolutely correct, and on the otherside it is a mistake.
    What I want to tell you all is that the money makers don't pay much attention to spelling mistakes.

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