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    Work from home has lead to maximum exploitation

    There is no way out. The work from home arrangements are likely to continue for another 18 months, as per current indications. There is less crowd on the roads. Less number of cars. No fuss about domestic help as such people have flexible timings. The children are also happy to find parents spending more time at home.

    Not every guy is happy.Some cite examples of bosses who want their pound of flesh.There are indications that phrases like "since you are at home, hope you would not mind doing this" is now more common than ever before. In certain cases, the mother of the guy who happens to be around, has started working overtime, as food preparations are now much more than what they used to be.

    This is a big problem where the wife is a teacher of senior classes or a banker or a chartered accountant or doctor. For, it is business as usual for such professionals. So, are people being exploited in some way or the other?
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    Work from home option has increased workload not only to the employee but also to the housewife. Many of the employees are having the habit of drinking coffee or tea once in a while during working hours. When they were going to the offices they are paying and getting the item required. But now in the house, the housewife has to make the item and put it in a flask or do it every time whenever they wanted. Another point is snacks also are to be supplied by her only. She has to struggle a lot. Even though they get it from outside, the housewife has to store them supply systematically whenever the person wanted. That is also additional work for her. So working from home increased work to housewife also.
    The work for the employee also increased a lot. There are no timings. Their duty starts as early as 9 AM and continues late in the night. This is giving unrest among the employee as well as his family members also. He is not at all helpful for the family members and not able to spare sometime for them.

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    My cousin who is working for a MNC has chosen work from home and she is on line from 9 am to 9 pm and of course takes brake for break fast, lunch and dinner including the tea time. But what she says that when they are were going to office the running time is also counted and amounted to total 10 to 12 hours working hours and of course she feels happy that homely food is served and the work is smooth without pressures. However targets are given to be completed by the end of the day and there is no personal consultations between the employees.
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    I totally agree with the author. Even though work from home has increased a lot of opportunity for young people as well as for people of other group but there are plenty of negatives of the same. Work from home has increased the ways by the the people know power exploits other. By taking advantage of this means they reduce the credibility of their work. Staring from less salary to less holidays along with more work pressure claiming that they are at home and might have nothing else to do, these people have taken the worst out of work from home procedures.
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    An online survey on the impact of work-from-home on employees during the lockdown has found that work was more "stressful and lethargic" than working from office for most persons.
    Nearly 87% of the respondents felt that companies must evolve clear work-from-home policies focused on the well-being of employees and their motivation.

    The online study conducted by Your Amigos Foundation, a Kochi-based NGO, explored the physical, social, psychological, and financial effects of work-from-home on 165 working professionals of different age groups drawn from across the country, predominantly South India. Nearly 49% of the respondents were experiencing work-from-home for the first time in their careers.
    Extended working hours was a major grievance, with 55.2% claiming to have worked for more than their usual office hours and 91% among them complained of doing so without receiving due incentives. About 59% complained of increased workload.

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    Work from home is entirely different from the working in office. In the office the employee gets a short refreshing break in between so many times during the day and talks to someone and just have a round of the office from one place to other on some pretext and that is a refreshing thing which removes monotony and secluded feelings from him. Going to the conference room, waiting for the speaker to arrive, indulging in question answer sessions, and many more activities like that are enjoyable as in between them there are always short breaks facilitating stretching ones body and moving in the corridor back to ones working place. So the dynamic life that one has in the workplace is absent in the home. Everything is on a screen and it is really monotonous and sometimes frustrating. Over and above that the aspirations of the higher ups that one can deliver more because one is in the house is like a Damocles Sword continuously hanging on one's head.
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