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    People generally join in inferior activities but reluctant to join in good deeds

    I have observed one peculiar thing in the society that many people give company in bad things or bad activities. For example if you are going to do some agitation against the boss in your workplace many would join you. If there is a call from your friend that there is going to be a grand liquor party in the evening, you become too excited and wait for it impatiently throughout the day. I have seen the smokers generally smoking with the friends and even enjoying the same cigarette. If someone is hatching a plan to trouble some other person many join him and even suggest some innovative ways to do that. At the same time if you give a call for some volunteering work in the community very few people will turn out. Even those who comply they come with serious faces as if they are coming there under some pressure. In general people join others in inferior activities and do not co-operate in good activities. Why is it so in the society?
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    True. People will easily get attracted towards bad habits than good habits. If you are asked to get up before sunrise you will find it difficult. But getting up late is always easy for you and no disturbance. Starting smoking easy but stopping it is very difficult. Probably people are tending getting attracted to easy things which can be done easily. But these habits only make our life very difficult. When we are habituated to drinking we can't live without drinking and we will go to any extent to have liquor. This is the way of life.
    A lot of control over our mind and emotions is required not to indulge in such bad activities. Some weak moments will make us get attracted to such things. The roles of parents in bringing up their children is very important during the school and college days in shaping the kids' behaviour properly.

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    The author's observation is absolutely right, there are many such examples in society where people take more interest in activities which are aimed at inferior or which can cause problems to others. But sometimes such people get involved in some good works or activities, but their purpose is to commit violence there too. For example, a group of candidates had appeared before the Public Service Commission's office, yesterday, to express their views for the upcoming exam with a peaceful request, but some miscreants also joined it and the peace discussion was given a negative form.
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    Goodness doesnot have charm for most of the people whereas badness has magnetic charm which attract them and without thinking they scud towards it. This is quite natural thing. There is nothing peculiarity in it. People behave in this way. However one thing is sure that in the beginning his active conscience guides him towards goodness but if he doesn't heed to his conscience then he becomes habitual of doing wrong activities easily and his conscience gets in slumber. It no more shakes him.

    However, some people like to do good activities quite sincerely which benefit people directly or indirectly. Such people are real people who can  be called good human beings. But how many people are of this sort ? Just a few. As a matter of fact many people who work for good cause actually work for their own cause. They are pretentious in their activities.

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    Nice observation from the author. It is easy to join a inferior activities as there are invite and even inducements to join the moments but when it comes to good deeds we alone should strart the deed nor join those who have already initiated such drive but they may not be interested in crowd or others joining them and starting a deed on own is something associated with expereince and expertise which many lacks. By joining bad deeds sometimes one also gets benefits as the group participation yeilds the results and that is directly benefited whereas good deeds needs time to get recognition.
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    Let's not be judgemental here. Getting together with friends for a smoke or a drink or any other kind of leisure activity to relax and let one's hair down is not to be judged as an inferior activity or a bad activity. Smoking and drinking are considered vices, yes, but because people indulge in them does not make them bad persons. Nor should they be considered like that because they prefer to do those activities rather than something good. Not everyone is cut out to be a social service volunteer and not everyone is inclined to go out of their way to help others. So what? One should not look down one's nose at them or comment about it. Besides, doing a good deed should be something spontaneous and from one's heart, not to be forced upon just because everyone else is doing so.
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    We see what we are interested to see. The rest go unnoticed. There are so many people doing good in the society without advertising themselves or what they are doing. These days most of the people do not know or do not want to know who their neighbours are. I personally feel, it is always better to mind our business and if possible try to help others.
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    People generally company with like minded people. Smokers might feel friendly with other smokers. Book readers might feel good in the company of other readers. Those who have volunteering tendencies will like the company of the volunteers. It is not exactly question of bad deeds or good deeds. It is the question of compatibility between two people. Two thieves might work in unison. Two good software engineers also can make a robust program working together. There are many factors to decide as why a person will join a particular group or activity.
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