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    Building up faith takes time; breaking takes a few seconds

    It is not easy to make another person have faith in you; it is easier to shatter, though. We may get acquainted with a person and may even become friends with him, but it takes times to create faith in him, to make him feel that you are believable, you are reliable. Once you realize and understand that he has faith in you, it is very important to ensure that you don't say or do anything that will break that faith. That would be cheating. To keep the faith balanced on a pole of mutual understanding demands you to be true and faithful, to the other person as well as to yourself.

    To cite an example, say you are an experienced member of ISC. You keep posting in different sections. Over a period of time, the Admin, the editors and the regular members tend to develop faith in you. The faith that you are bringing up true facts, you are following the guidelines, you are not posting copied contents and so on. Then it becomes imperative that you do not deviate from your path because that would be, to say the least, cheating. You are not only cheating your readers but you are cheating yourself as an author.

    What do you have to say about this? Do you think maintaining faith is important in our day to day interactions?
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    The author has compared the keeping and building of faith with that having stint with ISC as member and it is the fact that the regulars have already gained faith and trust through their ever benefitting posts and threads and even one wrong information raised here would shatter all the past records of good recognition. Even in real life , we are heavily relied on faith and trust and we must keep it in tandem. The faith of parents on children, the faith of brother on the sister and vice versa and the faith of wife on the husband goes a long way in understanding the life.
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    Yes, faith the trust, confidence or belief in religion is an undisclosed act which makes someone as an acceptable identity for the particulars area. It is in everywhere in our society. Here the author cited an example to act with this channel make the value of the threat limited. Hence, we should discuss the issue w.r.t. ISC. I think all the members are trying their best to contribute the channel through its various section according their ability. Some time the main words "copy past" observation are highlighted. I think this is one of the most sensitive issue. Hence , all members should aware of this and contributes only their own self written contents. If we follow this strictly, I think the quality of the channel will enhance further and a complete faith will be develop between the members and channel management. But the comments on the reply given by Mr. Mohan is absolutely correct "the faith of wife on the husband goes a long way in understanding the life".
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    True. Construction is very time-consuming. It requires a lot of hard work. But destroying the same is very easy and can be completed in a few minutes.

    To build up faith we have to show our sincerity in our activities and people should feel that we are really sincere and not trying to play any tricks. The people will observe you for a long time and see your methodology and faithfulness. Then only they start believing you and feel that you are really reliable. But by any chance, if they see one or two negative points they may lose their faith in you.
    Building up faith is a time taking process and to sustain that you should be always on the right track and see that other will never get any doubt in your way of working.

    always confident

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    The author has raised an interesting issue of faith between the people or between the people and some groups or things like that. I agree with the author's views and have to say or reiterate that faith takes a long time to build up and in many cases it does not build up due to some differences that crop up in the beginning itself. There are relationships in this world which only thrive on faith. For example the relationship between a husband and wife, a relation between a demanding boss and delivering employee, a relation between the country and its citizens, a relationship between a father and a child etc and these all flourish and prosper under the magnetism created by faith. When due to some unforeseen reasons the faith is shattered then it brings along with it an atmosphere of doubt and apprehensions and makes the whole environment sad and disappointing. If we cannot keep the faith intact in a long run then it is better not to create and nourish that faith in the first instance itself because the pain associated in case it fails is intolerable. Faith is the strongest bond between two entities and keeping it alive and vibrant should be the endeavour of all the people.
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    There are some shrewd and cunning people in this world who will appear very good in the first meeting and we might also start having faith in them but with time their real inner self starts disclosing itself and then we come to know the real intentions behind their friendship or closeness with us and then our faith is shattered. That then follows with a parting away with each other with bitterness in the mind. It is said that we should have faith on a person only after testing him.
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    The author has stressed the importance of building of relationship which will ultimately strengthen faith between the parties. It is really a difficult exercise where both the parties would try their best to maintain integrity. If there is any lapse from any party, the normal relationship will not be sustainable any more. The initial phase of making friendship is easy but maintaining the same will depend upon our fair intentions and for the same, you need to make up an attempt to manage the fair means at all levels so that the relationship remains intact.

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    I am of the opinion that it is the existence of mutual faith that enhances the quality of any relationship. It is the belief in each other that one won't be betrayed that keeps a relationship getting on smoothly. Any breach of trust in a relationship can actually give a new dimension to a relationship where all actions and interactions would be a mere pretence.
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