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    Freedom is a valuable gift of life.

    Who would not want freedom in their life, if we ask even a small child, he also likes freedom and an elderly person too. No one likes dependency, so there is no way for us more valuable than freedom. Here, I mean freedom, is not related to the British period or our moral rights, etc. Here, I mean that freedom that we inadvertently lose.

    For example, when we constantly give so much importance to any person that we take advice before every thought, then we do not understand, but slowly we are violating our decision making power and ability to think ourselves and the front The person starts giving us advice again and again and feels that he/she has the right to take all our decisions and tries to make subjugation on us.

    Some Instructions occurring in the family are not counted in it because if the family and our own do not give us freedom in some cases, then many times our benefit and concern of our people is hidden in this. But when we invite some people into our life and involved them more than necessary, then gradually we become subject to it. Make good relations with people, but in some cases do not suppress your free-thinking and wishes and don't let anyone take away your freedom
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    It is the fact that we give freedom to others and they take it granted to decide on our life and some times they penetrate into our personal affairs and that cause concern. Friendship is different and freedom to advise is different, but involving in the name of freedom is something not liked and loved by many. We are alone responsible for the fate and win of the life and we alone should take the shot when concerned about any decision on life. Normally no one would be interested if others involve in the life or advise and for that we should be strict from the day one of the friendship.
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    Freedom is very important for all in their lives. Nobody wants to be dancing to the tunes of others. But many times it is not possible. We are living in a society. We should live happily and with freedom but we should not cause problems to others or their freedom. But when we try to cut into the freedom of others only problems will start.
    We should not try to depend on others. In such a case, we will lose our freedom and we have to move as per their advice and suggestion as we asl them their help. Similarly, we should not try to advise others without their request. if we go on giving suggestion the others may feel that we are interfering too much and causing them the problems.
    Even our own children want to enjoy their freedom and as they grow this will become big for them. So we should understand them properly and leave them on their own to decide on their future. We can tell them our views and also highlight to them the problems we are anticipating in the methods or ways they are trying to follow. But we should leave them for their final decision.

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    Everyone yearns for freedom. It is something which everyone likes to have even in extreme situation. The failure of communism in many countries is due to the reason that many people think that it takes their freedom to express and speak against the regime ruling the country. There are people who will be happy with less food and facilities but require freedom. So, the importance of this cannot be underestimated. At the same time we should not misuse the facility of freedom and use it for our anguish and anger for someone. Freedom does not mean that we would not do the assigned work. It also does not mean that we wouldn't honour our elders. It does not entitle us to commit illegal activities and participate in anti national agenda. Freedom is given to us for developing the society, making the name of our nation on the top in the international arena etc. So, it is required to understand the meaning of freedom in its true perspective.
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    It's important how one interprets freedom. A child wants to break free from the clutches of the adults, the adults want to do whatever they feel like to do, someone wants whatever to say whatever comes to the mind. Is it all that we call freedom? Everybody is somehow dependent on others even if they think they are absolutely independent. Even if somebody is driving a car and going to the destination of choice somebody on the road is manning the traffic signals. If the car breaks down on the road, one needs the assistance of another to fix it. Likewise, the same thing is applicable to all aspects of our lives. Freedom, logic, responsibility and concern for others go hand in hand. You are not free to do anything you wish to do on this planet because there are a lot of inhabitants here and your action should not be the cause of worry for others. If you are not logical you are keeping your thought process guarded with a wall and then you cannot say you can think freely. If you are not responsible enough don't blame others. Make your mind free, think logically and then only you will understand how valuable freedom is.

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