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    How prayers will help us in achieving our goals?

    Many of us, in fact, all of us will have some goals or desires in our life. We all try to get our desires fulfilled. We try our best to reach our goals. These goals can be a good academic degree, a good job, a good career, etc. When we set a goal we have to work for achieving the same and there are many experts who will tell us the ways and means we have to follow for the same.
    Some of us will have the habit of praying to God in the house or going to a temple to pray to God to see that our goals are met. Some people question how this will be helping us in our attempts.

    When we go to a temple, we concentrate on praying to God and seeing the statue of God there. In that atmosphere, we will forget all other issues and we will try to concentrate and focus our mind on God. By repeatedly doing this we know how we can focus on a particular point. So once we learn this we may start concentrating and focusing on the goal and try our best to get a positive result. That is how our prayer will help us. I want to know the views of the members of this site.
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    Simply praying would not help but if we pray to the God for making us strong and willing to work hard then probably it might work. So, commensurate efforts should be there along with the prayers to get the result.
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    Prayers are having a deeper purpose of getting energy by devoting to the almighty and then using that energy in exemplary performances. Prayer is for peace and calmness of mind also but their main purpose is to fight in this world using a good path as shown by the divine power to us. It is important that one should have faith in the almighty if one wants one's prayers to be effective and fruitful.
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    This thread reminds me my old good days when I was a student. I was not punctual in praying but when examinations were near I would start praying. Prayer consoles us, gives us hope of success. But it is also a fact that only prayer will not work unless we take step in the right direction.
    If I have some important matter very much rely on the blessings of my elders. I request them to supplicate for me. Believe me, it works.

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    When we are good and get going, we never think of God and the works get done as if we have achieved it. But when we are down and seek the divine intervention to get out of the problem. In that case the group prayers would be so beneficial. Be it Hindu ,Muslims or Christians, when we participate in the group prayers the seeking would be addressed and that is the reason being so many give credence to group prayers and not ekanth prayers. Even the healing prayers by Christians are done in group and that gets redressed. And when Hindus participate in group rendition it hugely benefits.
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    It is good to pray to the almighty and seek strength and success in life but without working on your set targets and relying only on prayers would be unfair. Working hard on your goals with all the available resources applying on it and then pray for the success of your hard work.

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    Praying to God is belief. The belief in a person makes him to concentrate on the task at hand and succeed most of the time. Belief itself and prayer itself are not sufficient. The human effort is also needed. Belief coupled with personal effort or personal effort without any belief is likely to get what we want but not all the times. Personal effort is more important.
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    I agree. Prayers alone are never sufficient to get things done. Planned hard work, with self-confidence and faith in our abilities, are also required for success in our works.
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    The author has raised an interesting thread. There is no doubt that a person needs to work very hard to achieve his goal and only then he achieves his goal. But if we encourage our hard work by praying to God, then that Prayer acts like a booster for us. Whether a person is rich or poor, an elder one or a younger, but one thing that everyone believes is that there is a superpower who holds this world and that same power helps us in reaching our goals. This thinking gives us more energy as a big positive booster when we pray and probably because both our Efforts and our confidence increase more than before. With increased confidence, when we do our work, the chances of success increase further. Perhaps this is why elders say that any new work should be started by remembering God, so that work is auspicious. Pray to God, thank him for everything you have at present and then give all your efforts to your work, this is the actual path to get success.
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