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    Live within your striking abilities

    There are people who dream big but cannot achieve even iota of it. There are people who wants to dream big but never tried. Generally we want to achieve something good and great but never had the expertise to understand the same. We may be getting jelous over the others progress because we does not want to try and then get disappointed, But one thing is sure when we can do what ever within the striking range of our abilities surely the success is going to be sure and achievable. If we try only we can know our miss and win situations. What is your opinion?
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    That is true. We have to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, we should choose our tasks. We can also analyse opportunities and threats also. Once we do that we can understand where we will be good. Where we are lagging. Then it will become easy for us to decide on our tasks. A Chemistry lecturer will be good at teaching chemistry. But if he wants to teach mathematics he should do extra work. He has to work on that to get a grip on the subject. Even then he may not be good at the subject. He may be good at teaching, the subject will be difficult for him.
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    Before taking up any task, it would be a crucial point to judge our abilities how best we can fit in a new environment for which we did not have any exposure. We have seen the the expertise of a professor teaching Physics and with his long experience over the years has given him an extra edge in the subject. The same comfort cannot be achieved with the change of his subject. This is due to the fact that experience earned in a relevant field provides us to understand the entire concept of the subject and in any tough position, we can employ some deductions to get the right result. In the changed scenario, our thinking process may not reach to that level required to solve the new version.

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    Different people have different abilities . What a person can do is possible that another person can not do and in this situation it is wrong to expect from him that he can do a particular work. Nobody is useless. Every person has qualities which might be applicable to a particular area or work or activity.
    I agree that some persons give up in the beginning of the work. They are lacking in self confidence or required resources or any other reason due to which they give up quite easily. Some people are courageous to take every challenge. They don't hesitate to take initiatives but due to any reason they give up in the middle. But some people keep on moving towards their goal and eventually they succeed. But it doesn't mean that those who leave their efforts either in the beginning or in the middle they are not worthy enough. It might be possible that they may succeed in any other activity wherein they have good hand.

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    It is important to recognize the abilities and carry forward what is within one's ability. A person can be good at one thing while the same person may be lacking competency in another area. For example, a student may be well in the arts stream while the same person may feel it extremely difficult to comprehend the terms in the science stream due to lack of aptitude. So, for this student, studying arts would be better than going into science and not understanding it.
    A person can be good at plumbing while the Same can't be capable to deal with the works of Carpenter. The abilities of a person are important and their area of specification also matters just as the doctor's specialisation matter to the patients.

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    Everyone has some capabilities and abilities and accordingly they score in their work but to remain confined to those limited strengths will not be useful in a long run as the world is very competitive and one has to increase ones learnings, skills, and abilities continuously to cope up with the newer challenges and competitive threats in one's life. The business environment is very competitive and people are coming with new ideas and better product presentations to woo the customer and then the customer voluntarily switches to the new items and the earlier business entity starts getting less customers. So, in view of such dynamic and challenging environment one has to come out of ones halo and strive hard for more learning and then struggle for the intended goals and objectives. Every day is a day for learning something new and that is the only way to gather more and more experience for the future.
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