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    While shaking hands if the other person places the left hand on that ?

    Right now people are fearing to say greetings and exchanging pleasantries through shaking hands for obvious reasons. But it was the practice till last year when the two persons meets the right hands are shaked well and if the contact was important and not to be forgotten the left hand is also placed on the hands, What is your observation on this gesture ? We exchange pleasantries out of love and affection and also acceptance of the deal or friendship and in that case simply shaking hands would be enough, What is the importance of placing third hand on the two hands? Please respond with your reactions,
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    That inclusion of the third hand could convey a number of things as per what precedes it or what is the current moment. For example, I would think that if the gesture is in the nature of a business deal, it conveys firmness, a verbal equivalent of "Yes, definitely". If it is between the fathers of a prospective bride and groom who have decided to step into matrimony, it conveys a warmth I suppose (I say fathers because I have observed that generally the mothers may just smile and look pleased or embrace each other, while the fathers will shake hands and then may embrace).

    In some cases, I have observed that the person deliberately uses the third hand to ensure that the recipient of the handshake does not leave quickly. That is, if it is just one hand, it is easy to let go of the grasp and excuse oneself, but when somebody is practically clutching your hand with both of her/his hands, it is tough to escape!

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    Putting our left hand over our right when we shake hands with other persons shows our firmness to be with him always. It gives a soothing effect when you are in a problem and someone comes and joins both hands with you.
    As mentioned by the author we not still gone to the original practice of shaking hands with others. Still, we are not completely out of the Corona problem. We should not forget the importance of following certain norms. Joining both the hands and saying Namaste should be continued for some more time, I feel.

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    Putting the third hand there by anyone out of them is a sign of warmness and making the bonding informal and of course putting an affirmative stamp on the talks just concluded. This practice is prevalent through out the world and some people do it in public also to show to others that they are so near to the other person. I have even seen occasionally the fourth hand and also coming over the already woven three.
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    Generally people shake hands when they meet or greet each other by using right hand only and the author has raised a question if someone uses his both hands what it means. It shows his closeness with you or he shows his respect for you but one thing is sure that the moment he extends his two hands (for shaking hands with you )he is not arrogant.
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