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    Believe more in yourself; depend less on other's opinion

    When we seek others to respond to our questions and doubts or even seek their opinion of a task that has been completed, they may seldom respond willingly or may exhibit a non-caring attitude. On the other hand we expect proper feedback from others either on our preparations or accomplishments. I feel that we should not give too much importance to other's remarks or their observations about us as ultimately we have to depend on our own probing, planning and execution and have to be concerned about our own satisfaction.

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    True. We are responsible for our success or defeat. You are the master of your life. You know ins and outs of the issue you have on your hand. That is why your decision and your thinking about the task will be more practical and reliable. You may discuss it with others. How they understood your language and how serious they are about suggesting to you some viable ways to solve the problem are not known.
    That is many people say ask suggestions and take note of the suggestions. Think of all the probabilities. But take the final call on your own. The task is your baby. How you nurture it is in your hands. So following blindly somebody's suggestion may not yield the results as expected. Sometimes our attempts also may not give positive results but at least you will have the satisfaction of giving a sincere attempt to solve the problem.

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    The author is right. Sometimes opinion of others gives a big hand to us at the same time opinion of others may drag us to bad or put us in a dilemma.
    Especially I am seeing in a person who fell sick, do not believe any doctor but by referring his medicines in website, as he is a computer savvy, got confused and switch over to another doctor. Like this he is still in problem.

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    At times we find it difficult to make a decision on our own. If we seek advice from others, people may respond willingly or unwillingly. It depends on the person.

    We come up with different opinions from people and few maybe jealous also and try to discourage. These opinions should be only to view the situation from different angles. The final decision should be ours. We should not blindly follow as per the others opinions.

    It's not bad to seek opinions but we should finally make the best decision. Otherwise we are going lose.

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    When we are seeking others' opinions on any matter it means there is some doubt in our minds. If the person doesn't respond willingly or do not care much to listen to us then it's better not to apply the suggestion of that person. The problem arises when every people we ask provide a different opinion on a particular matter. Rather than doing anything good, it creates confusion. We have to apply our mind and analyze the suggestions before taking the action.

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    There is no harm in taking the opinion of the others in certain matters where we are not very sure of what to do. Many people take the opinions of other people in their life on a routine basis. Sometimes that might be helpful and we cannot dismiss that all the time. Other point is that even after taking an opinion from others it is not necessary to take that in cognisance if our own ideas are better than that. One has to take all these points in consideration before taking a decision. Having confidence in one's own self is a must for this and then only concrete solutions will be worked out.
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    . We need suggestions and guidelines from experienced and specialists who have good hand in a particular field in which we are seeking our career or doing any project. Generally a person can not learn by himself unless he has a teacher or someone who can explain him. Self learning I think is not feasible nor practically applicable. However we are to go as per suggestions and directions of experts and knowledgeable people.
    When we need suggestions at any cist and people whom we seek suggestions from show indifference as the author has mentioned I think professional experts may be consulted.

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    This is something that I believe if everyone would keep in mind then their worries and difficulties would disappear. Often people's prime concern is what others think of them and this concern is totally invalid, constructive criticism and bland criticism are two different things and people often would give you the bland criticism. However if you remain confident on what and how you do your work you will always be happier, you might regret it if you fail but will take the blame on yourself and no one else. I am aware that all these might sound dislusional and very hard to achieve but one step at a time would help you reach your destination better.
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