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    Need to look at big issues far beyond Politics

    Rising prices. Rising unemployment. Rising intolerance in society. The attempts to crush dissent in any form. These are real issues and should be debated far beyond elections and votes. And add to this the role of the Public Sector. If everything were to become private, and we can even possibly have private sector banks being run by Corporate houses, will it not lead to crony capitalism?

    We need accurate debates. We need debates where only objectivity is seen. For example, even the man on the street will tell us that ending the monopoly of BSNL and MTNL was the best thing to have happened to the country. So, we need to look at issues from this perspective and not look at which party he belonged to. Since 2014, very good improvements have been done in the Railways. Trains like Tejas express are superb. But we also need the revamp of ordinary trains. For example, the Kovai Express that runs between Coimbatore and Chennai is now superb as the coaches are brand new. Let us discuss these kinds of improvements.

    Yes, I may have been and am critical of the BJP regime, but I would like to appreciate good things as well. Let us start debates on each issue.
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    Sorry. Please read the heading as issues far beyond politics.

    {Title corrected. Sivakumar, you can always use the edit button to correct mistakes. }

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    Discussing issues is always welcome. But discussing and targeting the individuals may not be correct. For any coin, there will be two sides. Some people talk as if their coin will have only one side. That is absurd and that is nothing deceiving ourselves.
    Any party whether it is the Communist Party, Congress party, Regional parties or BJP, there will be positives and negatives. A true person who is more interested in the Nation will not go to a party always. They go by issues and discuss the merits and they may accept or criticise the proposal.
    Blindly criticising a party for all its acts or supporting a party for all its ill deeds also is not appreciated. It is good the author mentioned that some good things happened after 2014 also. Yes always nobody is 100% perfect. We can't find an ideal person or party. The only thing is we have to go with the best and that best also differs from person to person.

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    Good that the author has admitted that he is ready to appreciate good works done by the central govt. By the way no government would able to satisfy the requirement and wants of all the 130 crores people of the country and surely there would be misgivings and non performance to the hilt and for that matter we cannot brand the govt as worst and no performance. Regarding the rising prices, they are happening in the past and before elections such high prices are common, and regarding unemployment , this was the nagging problems since the past many years and new govt cannot give overnight solutions to the same. As regards to intolerance in the society, it was instigated against the govt by vested interest and that is being proved time and again. If this govt is bad it will go by next election and if they really performed well no body can stop them coming back to power.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Problems the country has been facing for several years are not discussionworthy at all. We don't want any step concerning employment . When young people dont want employment and they are happy in this condition then what is the point even discussing such issues. Everyone has brain to think what is right and what is wrong. People are happy for privatisation of all public sector units. Doomsday Will not occur if banking sector is also privatised.
    Tejas is a private enterprise. Many more trains will be started to run on the government owned tracks for rich people. Minimum fare is Rs 30 for passenger trains which are expected to be on Rail tracks soon. Time is changing where capitalism will take over all affairs. Poor and downtrodden are to be pushed towards ghettos. New investment will be flooded from foreign investors.
    India will be shining on international platform.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    The present government is performing well. There is nothing to grip about.
    Demonetization - a good initiative to bring back the black money.
    GST - a single tax system for better collection of revenue.
    Citizen Register - A very good initiative to have a check on true Indian citizen
    Gas to the poor -
    Bank account for all with zero balance
    Medical insurance cover
    Handling of Covid-19
    Supporting other nations with Vaccine
    Purchase of Rafale aircraft to strengthen our defence force.
    Rs. 6000/- to farmers
    Introduction of new farm laws
    And many more.

    Rising prices and unemployment in our country would remain unsolved forever as long as we continue to increase our population without any control. I am sure, no party coming to power will be able to solve this problem.

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    It is a good and fair thing, even if one has many shortcomings or evils, but if he/she also does a good job, then apart from his/her criticism, we should also see this good work done by them. For this, we should appreciate them. Many leaders came and gone in the world of politics, and all the leaders have reached out to us. They do not always do all the work for the benefit of the country and the public, but it is also not necessary that they only indulge in corruption. Sometimes, a glimpse of humanity and the form of patriotism are also found in every citizen and leader.
    Swati Sharma

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    There are many areas where there is a lot to be done by the Govt and one thing that is of paramount importance is either the Govt should generate jobs for the people or create an environment where they themselves go for self employment. Many people today have started their own work or business however small it may be and do not depend on a job. So that type of inclination is required to be inculcated rather depending on some advertisement for a job. Privatisation in some of the areas is required as it is a fact that the Govt workers and officials are always very slow and inefficient in running a system.
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    Do you think Rs 6000/- per year or Rs 500/- per month or Rs 16.66 per day charity should be cotinued to farmers.? Do you think our farmers who grow food for us are entitled for this amount.? Ground realities are quite different from.what you have in your mind.
    Farmers don't want this small charity rather they want their right.e.g. msp of rice is Rs 18.50 per kg but it is bought below Rs 10 from farmers and consumers buy over Rs 60/- the same rice.
    If their crop is purchased on msp there is no need of any charity or Rs 16.66 per day to them.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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