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    Present young mothers are not patient enough with their kids

    I am seeing many young parents who do not care for their kid's day to day activities. They lose their patience in nurturing them. Even when the children ask anything they reply in sullen words. A lady,who is not even a working lady, makes her little daughter take bath, comb her hair etc by herself saying that children should take care of their own without depending on the mother. Many mothers do not talk to their children nicely but behave more like a headmistress. Have you noticed such differences? What might be the reason?
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    I am fully agreeing with the author that the present day mothers does not have the yearning to nurture the children better and they feel that by scolding and commanding the kids they would fare better. But over the passage of time the child would become more adamant and asking as the mother is not to the understanding level of the child. Children are more possesive and sensitive to the issues and if some one chides them who they trust and love, they cannot digest the fact and go sulking. Modern mothers do not have time to go into routines of child and they delegate the responsibility to paid servants who may not care that much. Therefore the elders at the home must have the eye on the growth and movement of the child so that the nurturing is perfect and without any botheration to ask about.
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    I am seeing many such. For them, their works, their chatting and their time pass are more important than taking care of their children. They don't even try to feed them properly spending a nice time with them. They want them to eat fast as elders eat. They use abusive language and the kids learn that language and use them without understanding the meaning of that word.
    In earlier days mothers used to spend hours together with the children and they used to manage them very nicely. The parents used to tell good moral stories to the child which will help them in shaping their future. But the parents ask the kids to see the youtube video games sometimes and sometimes they refuse to give them the same for seeing the youtube. Why they do like that is also.
    Parents should not expect a kid to behave like a matured person. We have to see the mood of the kid and accordingly, we have to manage the entire situation. Then only children will honour our words.

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    Some of the young parents may be of this sort but it cant be generalised . The question raised by the author why some young parents have this tendrncy ? I think it is being them immatured young as the author has also pointed out. When a young boy and a girl who fall under early twenties are married, they are still in this age to be called as a boy and a girl .
    Being parents need them maturity which comes over the time. You can not expect a young couple to treat their children as a matured couple. Maturity comes slowly.

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    Not everyone is like that. Mothers are always good to their children. Maybe if someone is not being patient to the children, there can be many other pressures for them and we don't know what's happening in their personal life.

    As you mentioned, if a woman who is not even working and not ready to take care of the child then we can say they are not matured enough and they are not ready to take the responsibilities.

    Maybe in my opinion this happens if the girl is married at an early age. So their mind is still not stable and cannot take up the responsibilities at an young age. Still they want to spend time as they wish and they want to enjoy their life and so they cannot accept this responsibility.

    However, it's sad situation that mother is asking the child to be independent. Mothers always do everything for their children no matter how old they are.

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    Traditionally women are supposed to take care of the children. Today the situation is changing and as many women are working and concerned for their career so they are not so attentive to the kids. Of course it varies from individual to individual. Still the society is changing with great pace and old values are being replaced with new patterns, it is bound to happen.
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    The attitudes of the modern mothers may ultimately create problems in the development of the personalities of the kids. They believe that the more they are dominating and aggressive, they will more be disciplined. To some extent, they may be correct since the elements of fearness would set in their minds and instead of maintaining the closeness with their parents, they would rather hide their true intents. Such behaviour on the part of parents would ultimately affect the personality of the kids. Hence it is always better to maintain closeness with the kids and efforts should be made to make them understand every points where they are confused. In that the children would have better personality handling different situations in their upcoming years.

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    It all depends upon the temperament of an individual. Observing a few ladies with a reckless attitude does not give us a general view. Another point I would like to add, no one should take non-working mothers for granted. They are not earning, which does not mean they work less than the working mothers. The housewives always remain on their toes, so at times they may behave harshly, which one must not consider as a flaw. After all, they are human beings first and then a mother. At times, a mother may feel unwell, have mood swing or get crazy due to overburden or may like to have some me-time. It is not right to judge and generalise such issues.

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