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    Why not have Citizens' Committees of professionals to help self-help women groups?

    The self-help group movement is very active in Tamil Nadu. This was given a fillip by the then Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,Mr. M.K. Stalin of the DMK. Years of experience has helped these groups grow by leaps and bounds.

    Be that as it may, in many cases, it has been observed that to scale up a bit and sell their goods or services on a larger scale, these groups need to get the experts to help them. In this connection, in every small town, we have retired judges, lawyers, chartered accountants, senior managers of the big companies and so on. These people can easily chip in with their expert knowledge of various markets and even perhaps give them the right sort of computer training. This will enable the self-help groups to even start the online trade, and this can even be done in the local language. One understands that there are women who sell online through the medium of Tamil to NRIs in the Gulf and Indian-Americans based in the UK and USA. However, these are educated women, with really good educational background and experience.

    The expert help from Citizen Committees has to be a voluntary effort. Once the experiment starts, this can be a pan-India experience.

    Similarly the highly subsidized Amma or Anna Canteens or whatever, is a superb idea and all individuals and groups that give donations should be given Income*tax benefit to the tune of 100% of the donations made. Of course, the same citizens' committees can also help in mobilising funds for this noble cause as no poor man in the metro or big cities should be hungry. This can prevent big crimes as well.
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    In Telangana, the state government is supplying food for Rs.5/-. This is very useful for poor people. The food shop will be opened at a particular time and gets closed after a particular time. Tasty and good food is served to the people. This scheme is financed by ISKON. A similar project is there in Andhra Pradesh also. NTR canteens were opened during Naidu's period in AP and now also I think the same is continued by changing the name.
    Welfare schemes are becoming more and more in every state and that burden is coming to the people who are paying taxes. The policy of governments should change. Instead of giving freebies, they should think of providing some work and show a way to earn. Then only they will become financially self-sufficient. They will also understand the difficulties in earning.
    People who are having expertise can definitely help these self-help groups as per the requirement. There will not be an issue with that. This self-help groups concept and Dwakra groups are there in AP and Telangana also. The state governments are helping such groups a lot.

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    For that matter the self help groups formed with women as members was the brain child of NTR and then followed by Chandrababu Naidu and other CM's of the country and it is the fact that self help groups are direction less and the local leaders takes shot for their contracts and payments and thus many women are not coming forward and getting benefitted. But what the author suggested is the very good tip for the govt to follow because there are many professionals who have worked with close contacts in govt can suggest some good tips for their new thoughts and creative ideas through which they can earn and have decent living.
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    We are witnessing examples of many state governments offering meals in the subsidiesed rates. Initially the same was started in Tamilnadu by the ex chief minister of Tamilnadu late Jayalalitha and her freebies attracted the people of the state. Some of the popular measures taken from her end was the provision of cheaper meals in the canteen at a fixed price of Rs 5/-, distributions of laptops among the school going children and providing relief to the parents for their daughters during the ceremony of the marriage. Hence the relief enjoyed by the people was substantial. With the progress of time, the same was extended in Andhra where the meals at heavy subsidiesed rates are available in the canteens. The other states are also following these patterns loosing their revenues which could have been reinvested in some constructive forms. Such dole out should be curbed so that they could be encouraged to take up some jobs to earn. Free items are making them lethargic and this should be stopped forthwith.

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    For the success of the self-help groups, it is necessary that they should be helped financially as well as technically. The involvement of the senior citizens having expertise in the relevant fields is definitely a good idea and is to be pursued in the society by all the stakeholders. Nowadays there is good support to these groups from the state Govt as well as central Govt and the suggested involvement of citizens would make it more successful.
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    You are talking about retired people to help the self help groups. The retired judges, lawyers, senior managers etc, have lost their stamina, and are taking rest and spending their days joyfully without any mental or physical strain. They won't be of any help to anyone. Yes. If they are paid heavily for their service, they may opt to guide the people. What i strongly recommend is that our government should appoint active government staff to help the self help group. They need not be paid extra for their jobs.

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    Concept of Self-help group is amazing. I think it should be started in every state of the country. I was not aware of such groups which were introduced in Tamilnadu. Astheauthor has said that these groups have well qualified people like judges, .CA, lawyers and retired senior officers who have vast experience as a successful person. They suggest young generation how to make their career great or how to uplift their status in the society. The author has written about donors that they should be exempted from tax pertaining to donated money which they donate to different good works like feeding poor.
    I think all people should work for good cause which benefits people. Such activities are praiseworthy.

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    Sir, these groups run small catering establishments, manufacture a variety of jute products, food products like the ready to use masala powders, pickles that are sold in the local retail shops and sometimes door to door, plastic products, and so on. They are active all over the State. They are given loans by the banks under some conditions. They are a force to reckon with. I now understand from many Members that this is there throughout the country in many States. There are some books on the subject in English available in the leading libraries. I read one such in the prestigious Anna library in Chennai.

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    In many areas such help groups are there and ladies make a variety of items right from the kitchen needs to the handicrafts and many senior people are associated with these small groups. This has to be followed in every nook and corner of the country and these efforts will not only make the financial conditions of these ladies better but also provide employment to so many of them.
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