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    MLC elections is a hot topic in Telangana

    Now, in Telangana, a very urgency and alertness is prevailed among political parties, as MLC elections are nearing. Every political party struggles to attract degree holders all over Telangana. On the other hand, govt employees and teachers exaggerate by behaving adversely to the ruling party as PRC and other issues have not been resolved. So, these elections have become a crux to the ruling party as it was defeated in Dubbaka and GHMC elections. Let us see what would happen in the coming MLC elections.
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    Any election will be treated as important only by all the parties. The ruling party as well as the other parties also take all elections very prestigiously. As mentioned by the author the ruling party in Telangana suffered in GHMC elections and in one by-election. So there is a necessity for them to win as that will give a morale boost to the party. The leaders and the working group of that party can say that they regained the confidence of the people if they win these elections. On the other hand, BJP is trying to show its supremacy in the state. The state leadership wanted to show the leaders at the centre that in this state their party is picking up due to their sincere efforts. That is the reason why they take these elections seriously.
    MLC elections were going on unnoticed earlier days. But now those elections also became important as the MLC post is a rehabilitation post to the people who suffered in other elections. So everyone is trying for victory. Let us see what will be the outcome.

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    For any party when they fail to honor what was promised during the elections, then the reversal is for sure. And if the govt employees are tried and tested, then the very survival of govt is not possible. When NTR reduced the retirement age, he was removed from the position through coup and then the decision was reversed by Nadenla Bhaskar Rao govt. But TRS seems to be caught napping as they failed to address the PRC issue and demand and thus the graduates who are being approached for votes are not be assured of govt jobs and thus MLC elections are going to be decisive.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why every election has become so much important for almost all political parties. Indeed MLC is an important election, which party wins elections in upcoming elections it will be a morale boosting for it.
    Earlier there was not very much importance of any elections except parliamentary and assembly elections but Now elections of MCD, GHMC, Grampanchayat etc all type of small elections are taken seriously. Lately MCD elections were held in which four seats were won by AAP and one bagged to congress party likewise in GHMC elections BJP have its best. However this is a new trend in politics and almost all political parties are focussing on these elections too. Winning party call it a great achievement.

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