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    For some they pretend to listen but decide their own action

    There are three kinds of people around us. The first category is those who take self decisions on their own matter and also help in the issues of others. The second category is those who are selfish and work out issues for themselves. And the last category is those who do not take any decision nor help others and they pretend to listen to others but decide on their own. The last variety of people are more among us and we confront them in many ways. When people are giving good advice for free it must be given credence.
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    It's their choice, isn't it? It doesn't mean if I listen to your suggestion I need to apply them. The term 'good advice' is something vague. You may find one piece of advice of a person good but that doesn't mean I also have to think of it in the same way. When I am asking for your suggestion on a particular issue and the issue becomes more complicated because of not following your suggestion you may say to others that your suggestion was not given enough credence but if you provide suggestions even when I am not seeking it from you there is no need to think that only your suggestion will be given credence. Like you, many might be providing free advice and it's entirely up to the person which advice to follow. Even if the person doesn't pay heed to any advice and decide their own course of action there should not be any fuss.


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    I think we should not seek advice from other people until it is inevitable. Advice needs certain parameters: the person whose suggestion is sought should be a man of expertise concerning the related field. Second thing is that he should be sincere in suggesting.

    Generally, we should refrain from taking suggestions because asking other people for suggestions reveals what we are planning or thinking to do in the future. We should not divulge with other people. It may cause some negative reaction or remark of people if we could not succeed.

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    A bit of confusion about the last category, Mohan. You say ' last category is those who do not take any decision nor help others and they pretend to listen to others but decide on their own.' Now, 'who do not take decision..........but decide on their own?' Isn't there a contradiction? There appears to be so. Could you please elaborate and clarify?
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    As per the author first one is the person who takes their own decisions and even helps others in taking the decisions. That is clear to me. But who are the 2nd type people and who are the third type people. I am not getting a proper answer by reading the thread.
    In my opinion, the 2nd type maybe the people who make a decision after taking some suggestions from others and they may help others also when there is a need or when they ask for.
    The 3rd type people may also make their own decision but they never help others by giving some advice. Even the other people ask them they pretend as if they are hearing but not coming out with any suggestion to the person who asked for it.
    This subject is discussed earlier also. I feel we are the best judges of our situation and we only can take an apt decision in matters concerned to us. We can asl suggestions from others but finally, we should make our own decisions.

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