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    Whose property is this song?

    In Telangana history, there are hundreds of forgotten beautiful Janapada songs are there related to ancient times. A local Janapada singer by the name Komala brought out an ancient Janapada song by knowing through her grandmother and popularized it by singing on social media. A private company also made an album with her song and become a big hit. But a Cinema lyric writer famous for Janapada songs changed some part of this original song popularized by Komala and had it sung by another singer. Actually, the director of this movie promised the original singer to sing in his movie. The present song is about a beautiful girl and her pride in Janapada form. This song became a super hit even before the release of the film. Because of this great hit, the cinema singer became more popular than the original singer. The director wishes to convince the original singer by giving credit to her in the movie and large sum. But the original singer not convinced and she filed a case in court. Now this song 'Saranga Dariya' became sensational in Tollywood.
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    The author has raised a question about a disputed janapada song. Since the case has been filed in the court then it will be decided by the court. I think the singer who sang it originally will win this case.

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    The lyric writer is saying as it is janapada of unknown can be used by anybody. He is saying only few lines from the unknown written janapada was used and changed it into a visual wonder with his talent. It helped the hidden janapada to came into lime light. This is the present trending google search news of Tollywood.

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    This is one of the big problem with film Industry in general and Telugu film makers in particular as they would easily copy from the sources and if huge protest raised they try to hush up the matter with compensation or credits bogey. If the original singer was first made the foray and made big name and fame already in social media then the people knows that the song and lyrics was lifted and made to sing with new artist. Why the director and the music director has done the plagiarism which needs to be punished. Telugu language has wonderful tribal songs with rendition from the real artists and unfortunately they never recorded their songs in the studio and thus the copy cats in Tollywood are taking those works for free. The Censor board should intervene and should not pass the film so as to teach a lesson to the producer and director.
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    It is a song written by an unknown writer. This Singer by the name of Komala started singing this song and became very famous. The language is not hers but the music is hers. If the movie uses the same lyrics also, the Singer can't question the movie maker as the song is not written by her. But she has every right to question if the same tunes are used by the movies.
    Late S P Balu used to sing some songs sung by him in many programmes. The tunes belong to the different music directors. Once Ilayaraja who was the best friend of Balu filed a case against Balu saying that Balu is making money by singing his tunes in various programmes. Finally, the matter is settled and Balu gave some money to Raja.
    The song is not written by Komala and the tunes are also different from what she has used. In such a case, I feel there are no chances of winning the case by Komala. It will be wise to accept some money and finalise the issue out of the court.

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    If the song is from our culture and exists there since time immortal then anyone can have a try on it and use it. Frankly speaking, it is in the public domain. So the original singer cannot have copyright on this song.
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    As per my view these problems arise whenever someone uses a thing from our heritage and says that it is his copyright. For example if I write the Ramayana again in my language then is it illegal to do so? I am simply reproducing it in my own style and presentation to keep the readers interested and there is no copyright violation. So, people should understand as what is there available to all and what is there that belongs to someone because he was the first to invent it. There are subtle differences between discovery and inventions. I think to that extent the earlier writer or composer has to understand this fact and stop fighting on such issues.
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