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    Who doesn't want to go back to childhood again?

    Children laugh for no reason, cry for no reason. Sometimes very emotional sometimes very bold and strong. We don't understand what is running in their mind. Very adamant in getting things what they want. They enjoy splashing water. Scattering all the flour or grains while Mom is working. Grabbing the phone away from elders. The way they complain to their parents if someone scolds them.

    They live in their separate world. I feel like I want to forget the rest of the world and only spend time with my two year old boy. The thing is being a house wife we have other responsibilities right? I feel I have somebody doing all other things instead of me, while I am only playing with my child. So great it feels playing with children.

    We too behave childish when we play with the kids. It's a great stress relief playing with children. Please share your views.
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    Small children are very naughty, stubborn and sometimes impudents too. How to tackle these small children is a tough test for parents but they should never be punished physically, it will get them spoilt or psychologically may affect their innocent mind. The author has written playing with her small child. As a mother perhps every mother becomes a child and plays with him/her but small children generally want to play with friends or other small children of their age and they enjoy their company. Adult can't be friends of small children.
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    Surely no would deny that their childhood was the best by going through the memories shared by the parents and relatives and it is the fact that every child has the wholesome pampering and care from the parents and the first give years were awesome without worries and works. If some one ask me as to what was my best period of life, I would certainly say the first two years when I would be certainly in the lap of mother and had all the love and affection and the most attention on me. Every child is gifted because the parents give sweeping rights and powers to explore their hidden talent and thus some children decide their future at the age of three years. If a child decides that either he wants to become a doctor, police, IAS officer, collector or Engineer at the young age, the parents should encourage them to achieve the goal.
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    Only in the childhood one has all play and no responsibility mode and naturally that is the best phase in one's life. That is why everyone remembers it throughout the life and yearns to experience those moments again in the life if such an opportunity was possible. When a child starts growing he finds a lot of things which he is supposed to learn in school and in house and from that point onwards his worries start and he tries to escape from those things which are as per the mind of child not definitely a thing of playing or entertaining. More he grows more difficult for him it becomes to struggle and survive in the field of education and by the time he gets a job he is a totally changed person and starts longing for those great childhood moments.
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    Madam, you are absolutely correct. All of us definitely wants our childhood days to come back. But the problem is that we don't have that chance.
    Many people say old age people are equal to children. But we can't enjoy our old age as we enjoy our childhood. A child till he starts going to school will not have any responsibilities. So the kid will enjoy that period of life. Slowly the responsibilities will increase. During their childhood days, the acts will be enjoyed by the people around them also. When we observe them playing we feel happy and their smile will give us new energy. So childhood is the best period in our lives.
    One should learn respecting old people also. They served a lot for us and now they want our help. So how we help a kid, in the same way, we have to help the old also. We should see that they will also be happy and never curse us which is in no way good for our future.

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    Whenever I remember my schoolmates and childhood friends I have a strong desire to go back in time to those happy and contented moments in our lives. Some of my childhood friends are in touch with me and we exchanges messages and other information with each other in Whats App. When we occasionally talk on the phone we remember those times with great interest and concerns.
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