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    Why the present generation only prefer city life to village life?

    In this generation the youth are attracted to city life. They feel that living in a city with a software job is pride for them. If somebody is settled in a village the people under estimate their way of living. People in society also feel that it's great that someone is settled in a city.

    Even parents are talking proudly about their children settling in city or abroad. No one likes to live in villages. Living in village is inferior to people now a days.

    Villages are the back bone of our country. Why don't people understand there is life in villages also? We can stay with parents, we have all our relatives support and we can live independently. Please share your opinions.
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    The author has raised a question why young people want to stay in city instead of village. She also emphasised that they should stay back in village . I think mainly education and career are main factors which stir a person to migrate from his village to any city where these people have good opportunities to build up their career. Another important reason of their migration is the availability of better schools for education where their children may be admitted if the migrant people are married. If the author has to stay in village she will find it difficult to settle there because of lacking in good schools in rural area and it will create a big problem for her where her children should be taught.
    If good schools are opened and job opportunities as per educational qualifications are available in rural area young people will not migrate to urban area.
    If highly qualified and talented people do not get employment as per their academic qualifications or their professional skills they migrate to any developed country like America , Britain, or any European country. This brain drain problem exists on every level. It is not between rural and urban area but also between developing and developed countries.
    But there is advantage in brain drain also. When an educated person migrate from India and settles in any developed country he sends money to his family which increases foreign reserves for the country too likewise when a young man migrates from rural to urban area he earns money and sends his village which brings prosperity in his family.

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    Why the people prefer city over the village is for many reasons. The farmers in village wants to give best education to their children and does not want them to be a farmer again. So in the quest of good education the children are made to study and settle in the city only and over the passage of time the kids get habituated to city life and does not return to the village. On the other hand the farmers cannot leave their village lands nor their daily works and they are not habituated to city concrete life and therefore sulk in the village itself parting with their children. I have seen only during festivities the children join their parents and then leave the village much to the annoy of parents and even the parents wants to leave everything in village and comes to the terms of city lfe they cannot adjust because of obvious reasons.
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    We have witnessed large scale migration of people from villages to the cities due to a myriads of reasons like earning a livelihood, charm of the cities, yearning to move in a high urban society etc depending upon the financial condition of the person concerned. Even the rich farmers will employ the labourers for working and live in cities and use the farm as a weekend entertainment place. I do not think that only the present generation is like that. Even in past whoever got a good opportunity moved out of the village. In fact at that time such opportunities were very less and people had no choice except to remain in the village only. There is a shortage of doctors in the villages because no student after completing his MBBS course wants to serve there. Villages are the source of vegetables, milk, and grains to us but we do not want to go there and live on a permanent basis even if we are retired from the services or get an good opportunity of working in that environment.
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    In Villages, there are no jobs. Many people are migrating from villages to cities to get employed. So the population density is more in cities. All IT industries are in cities. All the big factories are near cities. So there are better chances for an individual to get a job in a city. All the people employed in all the establishments want to settle near their workplace. That makes cities more crowded.
    From the last one year, there is some change in the trend. Many IT companies are allowing their employees to work from home. So many unmarried people and even some married people have gone back to villages and working from there. But the main issue is the educational facilities. Even many villages are having almost all the facilities, good schools are less in the villages. There is a chance for the college students to travel to their college in the college bus from their village but there is no such facilities are available for school going children,
    If good primary and high schools come in villages and if the IT industry gives working from home completely, I feel many IT employees are preferring staying in villages.

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    This is mainly because there are better career opportunities in the cities as compared to the villages. It is more true in case of highly qualified people who have no engagement in the villages.
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