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    Whether it's politics or religion both have a unique and well-defined goal

    Those who are thinking that this thread has all the controversies, I would just tell them to read it till the end because there is nothing about politics or religion discussed in this thread. Most of you are aware that elections will take place in a few of the states and for that the atmosphere has charged up at some of those places. There is a daily dose of the blame game, accusations and counter-accusations and I am not going to say a single word about them because I think we became used to it. The interesting thing is their promises. All of the political parties contesting the elections promise development, a job for the jobless and improving the condition of the poor. These are the basic things but said in a different tone by the different political parties. More interestingly, their goal is also the same and that is to form a government in their respective states. Therefore, it is clear that the basic principle remains the same for all of the political parties. Now let's think of the basic tenet of all the major religions. They say God is one and universal though the name of their God may vary according to their belief.

    So, the target of all the political parties is the same and there is also a unique and common belief prevalent in all the religions. What a striking similarity, isn't it?
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    I disagree with the author that politics and religion may be compared. Religions unite people with love, harmony, brotherhood and peace whereas all political parties mobilise people to create a big wall between people. They invite people by false promises. Interesting thing is that people know that these political parties will not fulfil their promises of government jobs or uplift the level of people especially downtrodden people who have outcasted financially? despite it these blind supporters will support their respective favourite party. It is not necessary to repeat how many jobs were promised to people by political parties during their election campaign but nobody bothers to take this issue seriously. I think we have made up our mind for not expecting jobs or perhaps we don't want any job because we will arrange a suitable job for us or we will be self employed but we will not speak against our faourtite party, not tolerate any criticism by any other opponent.
    I am not interested in political parties however I have positive opinion about a political party. Mentioning its name will provoke some of the hard-core supporters of any political party/parties and they will start criticising the political party which I think is a good party up to some extent.
    As the author has opined about political gimmicks happening pertaining to five states upcoming elections. I think if any of us belongs to any such state where elections will be held in coming days should think twice which is the right party and which candidate is better than all others who are contesting elections from his contituency.

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    Politics and religion are not same and do have ulterior motives of its own goals. While religion is connected to whole lots of sentiments and faiths to which people have immense regard and respect and the politicians try to cash it on the weakness of the people by involving themselves in the religion. For example some politician wear the skull cap obviously stating that they support the minority cause. Just wearing the skull cap and then not caring to their woes is something we have seen in the past. Just recently Mamta Banerjee was seen at a dargah and then at a temple and we know what was her intention to convey the message, So politicians are opportunist and they throw lavish Iftar parties and does not know that true Muslims would not eat those offering because it was not earned through true means.
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    I think that politics is having a unique and well-defined goal. But it is not the same in the case of religion I don't think that there is a well-defined goal. Different people opt for different religions. The reasons are different. Many people change their parties in politics to get into a powerful position. Many people are changing their religions? what is the reason? I am not having any clue? Some may be changing with thinking that they may get some financial support or some may change due to a piece of advice from a known person.,
    In politics, the goal is to be in a powerful position always. For that, they can do anything they want. They spend a lot of money on that attempt. They don't even bother for money. They are worried about their chair. At any cost, they don't want to leave the chair once they get and they make all-out attempts to get into the chair. But such attractive offers may not be there in the religion and many people even don't what is the importance of religion.

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