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    Why do Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi avoid West Bengal?

    Why Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi not going to election campaign in West Bengal?.Congress wants no seat in Bengal?. They are not even looking back at Bengal.

    Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are always running to Tamil Nadu and Kerala for election campaign.
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    SG, RG and PG are incompetent leaders who cannot manage to fight against TMC and BJP. When they know the results in advance, it is a wastage of time, money and energy to hope for a win. These tall leaders of the party very well know this. Hence they are silent on West Bengal. Congress is losing their reputation and status. They would lose in Kerala too. It is time high for the party to change their top leadership. The vehicle Congress is moving with fuel at reserve. We do not know when the tank would go empty.
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    Good question posed by the author. Once upon a time the Congress was having good relations with the left parties at center and state levels and also had pre poll arrangments with some understanding. After Jyothi Basu was dead the communists lost their supermacy and TMC has taken over their space. And WB voters are very intelligent and does not believe in personal attacks or maligining any one as they vote who really performs. Unfortunately there is no entry for Congress in WB for obvious reasons and Congress is not worried also. Therefore Rahul and Priyanka are taking easy about the elections held to WB. Shame on that party which claims to be over 130 years old and does bother to have presence spread across all the places of country. Good sense must prevail in the high command at lease now.
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    I feel they left the State to TMC. They don't want to be in the run there which may be a favour to BJP. If congress also contests there and do a campaign by the top leaders of the party. they may get some votes. Definitely, those votes will be from anti-BJP voters only. That means they are cutting the votes of TMC. This may favour BJP and they may win some seats. To avoid that happening and to support TMC, Congress is not very serious about West Bengal Assembly I feel. These leaders may not have much following also in West Bengal.
    South is always a place for congress. When the whole of India voted against Congress. the united AP gave 41 MP seats to congress which is after the emergency. Such is the following for Congress once upon a time in the South. That is why these leaders mentioned by you will concentrate more on South India. They feel that they can give a big fight to the Regional Parties in the Southern States.

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    In West Bengal political environment is not conducive for congress party perhaps they are avoiding this state and focussing more in Tamilnadu, Kerala,. Pondichery and Assam where congress and alliance have bright chances to win. As far as West Bengal is concerned Mamta Di has brighter chances to reinstate her office. BJP is losing ground , especially after her injury in nandigram. Stupid comments by Adhir ranjan of congress and some local BJP leaders have given a wrong message among masses that these leaders have no political manners. This is why high command of BJP is also silent and analysing how to do damage control.
    Congress leadership in West Bengal is clueless. Their alliance is not affecting large voters which is not a good news for BJP. Despite all event management situation is still out of hands.

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    Once upon a time the Congress seva dal used to be very active and mobilizing the public support during the crisis and emergencies. But the public connect is completely lost. Moreover the the way Rahul Gandh talks on baseless issues and becomes mockery of himself has distanced him from the voters of the country in general. Having sensed that the party need to have rejig may be Congress does not want to contest elections where it cannot regain. Moreover the election funding to Congress is not forth coming, thanks to demonetization and later cap on various funding being sought by trusts run by Congress party and thus party is in ventilator stage and cannot think of burning its finger further where the chances are less and nil. So the fight would between the TMC and BJP in WB for this election for sure.
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    Whenever there is a strong regional part in a state and it does not want to have any coalition with the others then usually such situation arises. In such a case one has to fight against that party only if one wants to have the good share of votes in that state. Unfortunately, in the West Bengal state the prospective voters who could vote for the congress are already wooed by the TMC leaders and there is not much chance left for the congress to try their luck there. It is only the powerful parties like BJP who can dare to venture in that territory and dream to win and have a Govt of their own even without an external support. Congress has to go to those states where it has chances to win as most of the voters have voted earlier either in favour of the congress or with their allies. India is a big country and definitely congress can win in some of such states. Let us see what practically happens because no one knows the minds of the voters.
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    The latest reports, quoting a letter given by Congress General Secretary, K. C. Venugopal to the Election Commission, suggest that about thirty top leaders of the Congress, including Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka and Sachin Pilot, will be campaigning in the State before the first phase of the election that is scheduled on the 27th of this month. So, it is not that Congress or its leaders are avoiding West Bengal. Why should we be in a hurry? Is it that the leaders should rush to a state as soon as the elections are declared? While it is true that the Congress, though having roots in the State, was never considered a formidable opponent in the state by the left or the BJP (now), particularly after the formation of the TMC under Mamta Banerjee, it would be unfair to suggest that the party has washed its hands off the state.
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    Calling Sonia Gandhi, Pryanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as incompetent leaders should be taken as personal views of the member. I disagree with him.
    Mamta is a very strong lady , whole of the top brass is campaigning against a SINGLE lady. We saw this situation in bihar elections also when all top leaders were in the field campaigning against A Young Leader and how they managed to win elections is known to us. The similar scene was seen in Delhi when ONE man Arvind Kejriwal was challenging entire leadership, chief ministers, cabinet ministers, MPs et al and eventually won the elections too. When I see this scenerio that whole of the party works day in and day out to defeat ONE person in a state looks weird, and the role of media is not a hidden secret.
    I don't know what is the criterion of being competent and incompetent in the sight of the member.

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    In West Bengal, The Left and Congress are in alliance to fight against Mamata. In Kerala, the main contest is between the Left and the Congress. The Left-Congress alliance conducted a mega ralli in Brigade Parade Ground prior to the West Bengal assembly polls. Rahul Gandhi stayed away from it. The Left and Congress are contesting together in Bengal but in Kerala assembly elections the fight is between LDF and Congress. Rahul and Priyanka are the main congress election campaigners in Kerala. They will have to say in Kerala the opposite of what is said in Bengal. BJP will make this issue a campaign weapon in Kerala. That is why Rahul Gandhi avoid Bengal.
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