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    Do our destiny urges us to attempt good or bad work ?

    In those days when ever we met with unpleasant moments of life the elders used to say that we are guided by the destiny and that was destined to happen. Even today when we work on something, sometimes we meet the success and many a time failures. Is that mean we are being induced and pushed towards the wrong path when the destiny period is designated to be worst for us. Sometimes the success comes so eay and suprise us and many near us and even in this case the destiny had it to be bestowed with winning situation. Any comments?
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    It is common to feel that whatever happened is our destiny. But I don't think destiny will guide us to good or bad things. Our mind and our attitude guide us to the right path or wrong path. One should feel that they should go on the right path always. Even after doing all in the right way without compromising on ethics values anywhere also sometimes we may be unsuccessful. Then thinking that it is our destiny.
    As a matter of fact, always we should think in the right direction only. Lord Krishna in his advice to Arjuna advised him that what one has to do should be done without thinking about the end result. Whatever is due will come to you. We feel that killing a person is a sin. But Krishna advised Arjuna to fight in the war as it is his Karma and he has to do it. In that process somebody gets killed also you need not worry. Your duty you did. So we should do our duty and whatever destined will happen.

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    We believe in Destiny and indeed Destiny plays an important role in our lives especially when we face failure , we feel sad why it happened with us . Why we could not get success . In this situation thinking about Destiny that it was predestined for us alleviate our pain and sadness. It consoles us, gives us hope to stand again. Destiny generates energy in us to try again and perform much better .
    As a matter of fact we should rely on our abilities, resources and all inputs which help us to succeed instead of thinking about Destiny only. Destiny takes us ahead along with hard work and dedicated efforts.

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    Destiny is an important part of our life and almost every person believes in it. But our fate does not decide our actions, rather our actions go ahead and create our destiny as a result. If we keep our actions good then destiny will automatically be good. Now the question arises that how do we decide the definition of good deeds. Because just keeping silent, will be considered good deeds or not. So this is a question that we can answer ourselves. Do such deeds so that no one's life is spoiled because of you. Good deeds, good destiny always remain parallel.
    Swati Sharma

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    Actually, we do not know what is destined to happen so people do things depending on various situations. It's our realization of a certain situation that helps to make the correct decision. Impulsive decisions can lead us to the wrong path but when we realize and proceed then many things are there in our consideration and we mostly choose the right way. Success or failure is a part of our lives and our actions play a major role. Now if we think of destiny or equate every success or failure to it we will not be able to take the remedial measures when we fail. When we do not know what really is destiny we should concentrate on our works rather than focusing on something else.

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    But when we meet right people at right time the destiny takes to new heights.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The main problem in our lives is that we cannot predict the future and also we cannot predict the result of our efforts. There are so many factors that decide it. To understand and be satisfied with this complexity the concept of destiny was introduced. It is well elaborated in our scripture Bhagavad Gita also where it is very precisely mentioned that do your work sincerely and just forget about the results. That is definitely a great concept because it makes you free from the worries created by failures. One can always console oneself that as the things were not destined, so the result was like that. The concept of destiny helps many people across the globe to forget their failures completely and start afresh. Some people use the word 'chance' or 'coincidence ' in place of destiny but it does not matter as they all indicate to the hidden mysteries and questions often arising in our minds - What would happen tomorrow? What would happen to my efforts? Will I win or lose?
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