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    The spirit of the giver is more than the price of the gift

    In our society, it has become almost a custom to present gifts on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc. Giving a gift is a good way to make someone feel good. But do people really give value to the feelings of gifts or do they only think of the price?

    When someone is giving us a gift, its price should not be assessed and even if it is done, then see how much the person has given to you according to his condition. The giver always chooses the gift for you not only on the basis of money but also with his feelings.

    Understand the feelings of such people and recognize the real worth rather than calculating the price of the gift.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the happenings between Sudhama and Lord Krishna. When the once upon time childhood friend Sudhama is now living with too much poverty and his friend Lord Krishna leading luxury life, Sudhama wife urges him to visit Krishna and seek help and while going he takes with him some home made poha and tied to his torn dhothi. On reaching the Krishna palace, Lord asked him whether he brought something to eat or relish. But seeing those lavish living style, Sudhma sulked and tried to hide his poha. But Krishna has seen eat and snatched the same to eat. He ate once, and about to eat second time, Rukmini would stop him. Because by eating once the transfer of wealth already taken place to Sudhama's house and if Krishna would eat second time the entire wealth of Palace would have gone. This is apt reply for this post.
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    The gift given by somebody should never be viewed from its cost or value. But it should be treated as the love and affection the other party had towards us.
    But as mentioned by the author I have also noticed that while deciding on a gift for somebody we will think about the money we have to spend and try to remember what was given by the other person when he attended a function in our house. This should not be the practice actually. We should decide on the item based on our affordability, I feel. The other person may be poor but he might have to spend a little more money thinking that giving a gift of low value may not be good. If we are financially sound we should not hesitate to spend a little more and purchase a good gift so that the person will be happy.
    Some practices in society can't be changed. That is why many of us go with them. But changing some practices and introducing good practices can be initiated by us.

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    Exchange of gifts in normal way is a great gesture of love, affecrion, reverence and brotherhood. When we visit someone we should carry any gift for the host it makes relationship cordial and amiable. We should strengthen ties with people and exchange of the gifts is the easiest way to do so.  I read about a teacher and his disciple. The teacher was an erudite scholar as well as a writer. Whenever his disciple visited him he would bring some piece of blank sheets . Although this gift was worth of a few rupees only but his teacher would be pleased to see this gift and he always accepted his gift cheerfully. Great people keep an eye on intention of the gifts giver and not the monetary value of the same.

    But the author has intended about the gifts which are given on any function like marriage or birthday or marriage anniversary etc. Generally, we see the market value of the gift and we also compare his gift to our last gift which we gave him in recent past. This is our mentality. We don't consider feelings, emotions  of the gift giver which are attached to his gift. I think we should not compare between gifts instead we should see what is the economic condition of the giver especially if a person is not wealthy and he offers gift then it is our moral duty to accept his gift with cheerful smile. We know about his status despite he gave his gift. We should be thankful to him.

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    I agree that we should see the gift as the good wishes from a person and the affection and love behind that and that would happen only when we do not assess a gift by its price. Money can never replace the relations between the two people and gift is only a token of that love and friendliness. So, it is imperative that we should thank and consider even an ordinary gift as a sign of respect and honour and should show our feelings from that angle only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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