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    Mamta to campaign on wheel chair - will she reach the voters?

    Having injured her leg during a push to her car by unknown people, Mamta Banerjee is in a hospital with plaster of Paris bandage around her left leg and she promised the voters that she would campaign on the wheelchair. Healing of fracture would take more time and she is uneasy that this kind of incident happened now. Will she be successful to reach out to more voters and constituencies to get support or her inability to move to the places would bring the sympathy votes? This could be the game-changer for the WB elections.
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    I think we are having more threads on Mamata these days. West Bengal elections are coming near and all political parties are trying their best to win as many seats as possible.
    If Mamata travels in a wheelchair and addresses the people, she will get more sympathy. People will think that she is ignoring her health also to serve the state and the people of the state. That will be a positive accept to her party. So she will definitely try her best to travel and address as many meetings as possible. We see many people attending their offices like this when there is a bandage on their legs or hands,
    She may have to suffer and take a risk in reaching out to people in that condition. But she may not hesitate to do that as it will definitely too good for her party and she may get more sympathy votes. I feel with this her chances of coming back to power again increased.

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    Late Jaylalita had also done campaign on wheelchair and she got amazing support from voters. Mamta Banerji is a very popular leader of West Bengal . When people came to know about this incident even her silent supporters came on the roads, railways stations etc even situation getting worsen she herself had to appeal her supporters to stop agitation. It should be noticed when the code of conduct is implemented in the state all powers of maintaining law and order go to election commission. Where was security when this incident happened ? Where was Z plus security?. After all she is the chief minister of the state.
    Now when she will come on wheelchair she will emerge as a fighter . She is one who does not give up under any circumstances. Indeed a large part of confused voters has already turned in her support after this incident as nobody likes to attack a lady.

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    During the election time any event or incident is cashed by the contenders to woo and impress the voters. Mamta didi will definitely take advantage of this situation and will be happy to get the sympathy of so many followers plus other people who also think different after this attack on her. The actual things will be known only after the election results are known.
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    Yesterday I saw a image emanated out of her hospital bed in which she looks cheerful and seen browsing her cell phone with one officer and attendant posing with laughter. This proves that she is not having any pain on the left leg and the bandage was the drama to draw the attention of the people that women being targeted by the BJP to stop her campaign.
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    Quite strange logic!
    You mean to say that she must be crying ? Right?

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