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    Double check of your work is a good habit.

    When I was in school and my exam paper was completed and I wanted to go quickly by submitting my answer sheet, the teachers often used to say, there is still time left, check the entire answer sheet once again and almost all of the children used to do this too and many times we would also get a chance to rectify some mistakes, which would have saved us from loss.

    Many times, in our work, due to some haste, it becomes faults and if we look at them again, we will find that these faults are small but can be a reason for big damage, so it is advisable to fix them in time. After the time is over, even because of a small mistake we have to be started from the beginning of the work again. Therefore, one should always double-check his work whether it is writing, cooking, travel preparations etc.

    If we do the same process in our normal work every day, then it helps us to develop a good habit of double-checking and then we become habitual to check every task again.
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    Checking once after completing the writing is definitely a good habit. One should do this. When we write we may not concentrate on spellings and grammar points and give more emphasis on conveying our thoughts properly and try to put them on the paper in a better manner. Once we finish writing before saying that the material is ready for publication, we should read and see the mistakes and we should correct them. After correcting also again it is good to read one more time so that we will not miss any minor points also.
    When the books are published, the press will take a copy of the printed version and give it to the author. He will read it very carefully and in some cases, he may read every letter and do the corrections required. Then the corrected version will be given to the press for final printing. Always it is better to follow the same system in all other cases also. Many people advise us to check and recheck the content before saying that it is the final version. Once we follow that system the chances for mistakes will get reduced if not eliminated completly.

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    I totally agree with the author. Yesterday, I made a mistake while entering the attendance online in our Student Information System. The attendance has a feature to enter the All Absent and All present option. Accidently I selected the All Absent option. Actually, All students were present. It was my fault that I did the wrong attendance entry. Today, one of my students draw my attention to it and I need to went the Director's cabin to edit the attendance. This is what happens when one does the work in a hurry without checking. Thus, we need to re-check our work before submitting any official kinds of stuff.
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    It is always good to recheck and again check before submitting the exam papers as small idea which was missed can be incorporated or what ever missed can be added. Invariably bright students complete the exams very fast and try to move away. In fact they can use the quality time to recheck the answers wrote or even expand the same to get more marks. Even at ISC after writing the post or the response I used to read again for any correction or inclusion so that the post gets more meaningful and it is also good habit to change or correct any gramatical error.
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    It is not the matter of double check, the point is how importance the work is we are doing . If the work is highly important and you are sending this report to your Chairman you should check thrice instead of twice. When you are transferring money online you should check each digit of account number of the person you are sending money.
    When I do any important paper work which should be hundred percent correct and any clerical mistake will create any problem for me then not only I recheck it myself but also ask other person like my colleague to check my work.
    I agree with the author that students should check their answer sheets at least twice so that they may catch their mistake incase they have done in it.

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    I worked earlier in a company for 23 years. By believing me my senior entrusted many works with me. But for some main works I asked him (as he is an exceptional boss)to check once before delivering out. This is good for me as my work is also got safeguarded by him. We should never get negative feeling or inferior when our works checked by others. In auditing process there is a process internal check which is good for all.

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    People are always in a hurry and do not check or recheck their work and most of the times the errors reach the destination and that is definitely a bad thing to happen. Some people say that there work is error free as they have done it with concentration and precision and there is no need of checking it. I strongly differ here as many highly knowledgeable and intelligent people also do so many mistakes in their work that the people who have to review that are not happy about it and sometimes punish the person. So, it is advisable to check and recheck one's work so that errors do not go ahead with that work and make the situation embarrassing.
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    In our village, when I was living there as a child of age around 16-17 years, my grandmother used to tell me that cleaning the rice for small stones, insects, and other foreign material was very hard and took time. She also told that even if someone cleans it and if you give it for cleaning again to someone then the second person also find a few foreign bodies in that and will say that he actually has cleaned it thoroughly. So, yes, checking and rechecking have their own importances and it is true in all the conditions in our lives. Last week, I had some problem in one of my ATM cum debit cards due to KYC issue and I submitted some dements and they told that it would be corrected by that day evening itself and thereafter I could use my card. After 2 days I went to one ATM near my house and used it and it worked and I came back happily. But my happiness was short lived as I found that I had taken a wrong card and the colour of both the cards were similar and I was confused. I should have checked the card thoroughly before I left the house. Checking is a very crucial thing and we should not forget it at any cost.
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    I totally agree with the author. I believe every teacher would use the same words while we give our exams. Checking our work before submission should always come under good habits as one may make many mistakes while writing or performing the task and checking and re-checking would help them edit and erase those errors. However one should be carefully at checking their work multiple times as it might add doubt and would in turn hamper your performance and sentimental.
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