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    Are you satisfied with your deployment.

    We all are deployed somewhere, like in profession, at service or business etc. Most of the people are quite unhappy or not satisfied with their engagement according to their ability or wishes. Some are happy with their jobs and enjoying with it. As I am in service and quite satisfied with my activities in this field. In every profession there may be pressures, stress, both mental and physical but one need to adjust everything with the time. They have to maintain all social relationship along with the functioning of their earnings fields. Now are you satisfied with your employment, please share your experiences.
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    If a person is unmarried he should never be satisfied to his job or profession. He should keep on changing his jobs if he gets opportunities to change it because it gives you vast exposure to various working environment and also you will get more and more salary. Road is quite open for such a person to move forward as far as he can go. Sky is the limit for such people but for a married person switching off jobs from place to place or organisation to organisation is not feasible . He has big responsibilities of his families and it is preferable for him to establish himself at a place and work hard to progress.
    I am a self employed person so I dont have this issue.

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    Most of the Indians are under employed, that means we are working but not to the right job nor the right payment. Still we try to gather courage and energy to give 100 percent work at the company or Industry why becasuse there is no other offer on hand and the family problem also forces many to continue under rated job. And for those who has fixed committments of spendings cannot leave a job just like that which is not satisfied nor paid less. But still work is worship and many are silently going through the ordeal of lesser pay and more work and adjusting with the life for the well being of all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not have much experience of employment but I have a feeling that many employed persons are not happy with their situations and always think for a change or rise in their position. It is natural to seek promotions and rise in one's career and that is a natural thing from human nature point of view. But for a rise commensurate work is also required and unless one does hard work the situation would not improve.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Without pressures and tensions, no jobs will be there. That is true. It all depends on how you take it and how you react. The majority of people feel that their job is only like that and all others are enjoying it. But when you go into the details only you will understand the facts.
    There should be a proper understanding of the job you are doing and you should have an interest in the work you are doing. We can't get the jobs as per our choice. We should learn to love the job that we secured. Then we will have happiness in our lives. We should not brig our office to home. As soon as you come home we should start giving time to our family members. Then they will feel happy.
    I am very happy in my life. I studied what I liked. I got the career that I have thought of. I progressed well in my career. I got recognition as one of the best technical people in the field of my work. That gave me satisfaction. Now I am not a full-time employee and enjoying my life with easy work and family.

    always confident

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