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    Restriction on fees hike by private school should continue.

    In last year Govt. has announced not to hike school fees to all the private schools and instruct to collect only tuition fees in monthly installment during covid-19 pandemic situation. Now the academic year 2021-22 is coming and admission started in most of the school through out the country. But covid-19 situation not yet normalized. And there are online classes/exam continued in the school. Some of the state there are physical classes for 9th to 12th students only. In the other hand the school management are continuing to teaches through online with all infrastructural arrangement. Under the situation do you want that school committee should not hike their school fees in the coming year. Please share your view keeping in mind the situation of both.
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    Yes. There should be a constant watch, including through local State Government control, and the fees should not be increased at all. It should be noted that many fathers have either lost their jobs or have been badly affected by the freeze on salaries and merit payments.

    The fees should not be increased at all and there should also be the facility to pay the fees in equated monthly installments. I personally feel that no school should be run like a corporate. Any school is a temple of learning and should always be looked upon as a big opportunity for a massive revolution in terms of service to the society.

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    I don't think that the school management should increase their fee. During lockdown millions of people lost their jobs and when they returned their jobs most of them were offered new structure of salary which was almost half of their salary they were taking prior to lockdown. Many people are still unemployed. Schools also suffered financial loss but most affected were teachers. I think in this session feehike will not be a welcome decision.
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    This is true, many people have lost their jobs in the time of pandemic and still the condition is not very good. Even today many people are anxious for employment and they are facing a lot of problems in completing their basic needs, in such a situation, if the schools increase the face, then there can be a lot of financial load on the parents. School management should understand this and should not take any decision that seems unjust. Parents should also understand this and do not be negligent in paying the minimum fees that are required to be given in the school, because this fee generates the income of the family of other teachers.
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    Private schools are always looking for opportunities to hike the fees. This should not be allowed by the Govt especially in a situation where people are still suffering from the corona attack. The institutions should not be granted this autonomy of increasing fees as per their desire and whenever they want to increase it. Actually they should consider reducing it for providing the corona stuck people.
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    It has been a trying time for the educational institutions as the covid virus has caught the management and the govt unaware and they could not sort out how to go about. Since it was the end of the academic year almost last period many schools were on the verge of collecting double fees including the summer fees. They were also planning the every year hike fees and thus all the plans and ideas gone haywire and as a result they have not paid the salaries to the staff and teachers and they left the job. Now that the schools have been opened and the past glory being restored but the parents are not ready to pay the arrears and the schools are in no mood to give more time for arrears and the new fee hike. Some parents are shifting the students to little known schools as the fees are low and the standard is same.
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    I agree with the author. The restrictions should continue. Only tuition fee monthly should be collected. During the lockdown, many schools collected full fees even though there were no classes. The managements never paid the salary to the teachers. That way there is no loss to the management. The parents paid but teachers were not given. In some schools, the teachers were paid half salary only. Their salaries as such are very less. Added to that half of that only they received. Like this, all the teachers suffered a lot. So the government should also see that the managements will pay salaries to the teachers.
    Many people are still suffering without proper income and as such asking them to pay heavy fees will not be proper and that will make their kids the opportunity of having an education in such schools. That is not fair. So the government should take necessary action so that schools will not increase the fees this year and collect the reduced fees only.

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    The present situation with respect to income of most of people is not encouraging due to the pandemic phase. Those loosing their jobs in the last year are still in the same condition since the job prospects has not improved so far. In such a grim situation the demand of the additional hike of the school fee is not justified. Last time, we have seen that the teachers working in the schools were most sufferers because the management paid their salaries much lesser than they were entitled to. This has created a pathetic condition for the entire families of the teachers. Collection level of the dues to be paid to management was fine due to the cooperation of the parents. Keeping the overall situation of the present phase any surge in the fee is to curbed till the situation further improves.

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