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    Has the Covid locked helped us in reducing the pollution?

    Emission of smoke from vehicles plays a large part in the pollution. So, can we think that due to lockdown, the pollution has reduced at least to some extent? In cities there is a lot of traffic and usage of motor vehicles has increased a lot causing more pollution.

    Hope that due to COVID lockdown the pollution was controlled to some extent. Why can't we take initiative and accept for a lockdown every week or at least once in a month for a good cause?

    I mean, the government can take the initiative and make it a rule that at least once or twice a month a day is fixed for no transport. Only emergency transportation service will have exemption. On that day people can only use a limited public transport instead of their own transport. People should also accept it as it's their responsibility too to take care of the environment.

    Hope this will help us to control pollution. Please share your views.
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    Sorry, in the heading it should be "lockdown". I am not able to edit.

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    It is the fact that during the covid period there was a curfew like situation across the country and the vehicle moments were restricted except the essentials thereby reducing the pollution to large extent. There was news report that even the rivers which were effected through the Industrial pollution on the way of their path has been free from pollution. The famed Hussian Sagar in Hyderabad which was constantly getting the Industrial waste from Jeedimetal side has been stopped and we can breath easy while traveling through the Tank Bund area and lake is now free from Hyacinth leaves which used to spread the entire late. As the vehicles were out of roads the quality of air has been increased and there has been ample time for the Municipal authorities in Hyderabad to go for new tree plantations in many area supporting the pollution free cause.
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    It was less pollution there during that time as pollution is mainly related to the vehicular traffic but it was a temporary respite. Again we have come back to the earlier levels. The long term solution for this problem lies in the fact that we have to go for modernised vehicles with stringent pollution control mechanisms plus our roads should be dust free. There are many roads which are connected to the main roads, which are dusty and having small pits in between due to the last rains. Until there is a synchronisation of maintenance between the lanes and the main roads and the highways the dust will be a continuous problem. Another big source of pollution is industries and illegal quarrying at places especially near the foothills in our country. They also require to be controlled in some effective manner. During codon many such activities came to a grinding halt and pollution reduced considerably.
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    Lockdown was an unprecedented accidental experience in our life which can never be forgotten. It still exists in some parts of the country because new cases of corona positive are still being reported there. During pan-India lockdown or rather worldwide lockdown traffic was halted. No vehicle was permitted on road except in emergency situation. Reports were coming from different parts of the country and other countries as well that level of pollution plummeted to a large extent . People were having fresh air, even rivers and lakes were looking clean. Animals of jungle were also reported loitering in cities freely. There was no check on their arrival .
    The author has suggested that weekly lockdown should be continued to control pollution. Idea is not bad but once whole system is stopped it creates a big financial losss also. Governments will look at this aspect also. I agree that pollution is a serious problem for us and it is our responsibility to give our best support to government to control pollution.

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    It is true that when the lockdown was declared in March 2020, we did not have much idea that we are able to stop the epidemic as well as prevent the environment. Those 3 months, we found a decrease in pollution not only in India but also in the world, which was quite satisfactory. The world cannot be kept in a state of lockdown forever, but if human beings want, so they, sensibility can be reduced the pollution. But the problem is that even the common citizen does not want to show such understanding. Strange thinking of the people is prevalent in the society, that is, how much pollution will stop when one of ours alone stops, whereas this thinking has to change. When people will contribute one by one, then one day the situation will come that the problem of pollution will be reduced to some extent. Otherwise, nature itself shows to mankind, in its own way, that nature can keep protecting itself.
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    It is a fact that pollution levels came down during COVID 19 pandemic. The reasons are very well known. No vehicles on the roads. No factories were working. So no emissions. No eating out etc. Plastic usage came down. We were able to see some crows and sparrows even in cities like Hyderabad in the early mornings. This is a positive issue from Corona. Taking a point from this the author gave a right advise. If all the citizens stop gong out for a day or two days in a month, definitely those two days we will see some reduction in pollution those two days.
    But the question is that whether the government will do that or not. If the government is not doing that the citizens of the country in a general interest can stop themselves moving out for one day a week so that pollution will reduce by at least 1/7th. Definitely a good idea. Think and try to implement.

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    Last year when the corona infections were at its peak, there was a conspicuous effect on the pollution and in the morning I was able to see to a much farther distance which was otherwise covered with the pollutants created by heavy traffic and industries. So this was a clear cut indication that how much the environment is being affected by these things which are there as a compulsion in our lives.
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