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    Some people cook stories quickly!

    It is my experience that some persons are very expert in cooking stories of all kinds and the listener would be convinced by their confidence and sequence of events and other details as told by them. Even some children do that when we ask them as why they did so that day while playing with the friends outside or any other mistake that they might have committed. In our workplace also we see some people cooking stories quickly and convincing the boss or colleagues about their innocence in some matter. Have you ever tried to do such a thing or you believe that honesty is the best policy and why we should take these hassles of cooking stories? What is your view on this topic? Please share your experiences.
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    Some people have this talent . Everybody can't create any fake story on the spot. And what I have observed is that nobody can fabricate a story to impress people until he is expert in telling lies. These people are so much talented that despite knowing about them people trust their lies as presentation of their concocted stories is quite natural. Now a days telling a lie or spreading fake information is not considered is accepted by people and their lies are taken as truth. I never trust these people , nor I take them seriously.
    You might have noticed that several famous faces on media also create fake stories , sensational information and these platform spread their lies freely and some people believe in their lies because some people are impressed by them. Fact is that lies are lies which can't be truth.

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    The author is quite right, some people have this quality and especially in young children. I have never made such stories, but in my family, there are a total of five young children, who have been living with them for a long time and when they make a mistake, then to hide their mistake, they made stories in a few seconds. Those story makers thought that the front person or that the listener is not able to understand the hidden truth of their stories but it does not happen. We easily understand the child's stories that he is hiding his mistake, but sometimes due to his innocence, we kindly convince him that giving such excuses is not a good thing. But when such people give excuses in the workplace, then it is necessary to have some strictness with them, because when their fake stories or excuses affect others' work then it should not be tolerated by anyone.
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    That is an art. Creating a story is also requires some talent. All can't do that. Even telling a story is also a talent. When the kids come to you if you tell them a story and please them they will repeatedly come to you for stories. My grandfather used to tell stories very nicely to children. Of course, he is not cooking them. He is taking then from epics and reciting them to the children in a very attractive way. Children used to be always around him for hearing those stories.
    Cooking a story and managing things may not be possible for a long time. Once or twice people may think you are talking about true issues only. But if you repeat the same again and again, the others will notice that you are trying to tell stories and they may ignore you. It may be the same whether it is in our house or office. So cooking stories is not good for your long term goals. Some short time goals can be accomplished with cooking the stories, I feel.

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    Those who are the habitual liers, they have the knack of cooking stories much to the belief of the other person and they almost get convinced and even get connected to them. They are so experienced in telling lies that even the reality would take a beat in front of their stories. But we should be careful enough with those people as they would tell lie and make us believe to be real and even go futher to ask for money help and so on. These people cannot survive for long as those who know their true colors would expose them where ever they go and thus the reputation gets into beating.
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    During our school time some of us did that to escape the punishments whenever we committed some mistakes. One of our teachers was very intelligent and used to cross question all the students and would get the correct name of the culprit. We did not know how slowly through asking a set of probing questions he used to reach to the actual defaulter and then punish him.
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    Though many of us cannot concoct the stories immediately after the incidents but there are a few among us providing you such reasons in the form of the stories that you will take the same granted as the real facts. To concoct a story, one should have the fertile brain to plot sequence appearing true in a given situation. There is always the acceptance of the same from the listener's side. Their courage strengthens with the time since there is no one to oppose their plans. Later they become masterpiece in such an art and they later can use this art to save themselves from any embrassing situation. We should not be influenced with their art of telling stories. Rather, we should keep away from such companies to keep up our reputation.

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    That's correct. There are some people who are expert in cooking up stories and interestingly people believe them. The problem is this act cannot be performed on the same set of people a couple of times. When you become aware of the person cooking up stories you will not believe in those stories later. Once during my school days, I think I did it once and was quite successful. I think many children do that but if it becomes a habit then it is not at all good and parents or relatives who are aware of such things must make the children aware of why cooking up stories is unfavourable. Once or twice one may do it for some fun but it should not be repeated.

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    I totally understand where this idea comes from. There are some people whose minds are so full yet empty that their head are full with thoughts that they keep on thinking about. Some times these thoughts tend to form realities in their head, sometimes they are aware that these stories aren't real however sometimes they convince themselves that these stories are real, in that way when they share these stories with others they sound very confident as in their head they have created the situation and considered it as real.
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    During school days most of the students create fake stories or reason to escape from punishment. It is normal . Once I did not go to school and the next day all students who had not come the previous day were punished with stick. When my turn came the teacher asked me the reason I lied that my grandfather had died and I managed to escape from punishment. And my grandfather had died prior to the marriage of parents.
    But when people fabricate stories to cheat other people it is a sin, it is a crime against humanity. I don't like that 1st April i.e all fool's day. I don't think cheating people by creating fake stories on this day should be permitted.

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