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    Just being older, should not be a standard of respect

    Should age be the determining factor to garner respect? What would be the other aspects to consider when showing respect towards another person?

    When we are taught moral values in our childhood, the first thing we have taught is to respect elders and give love to our younger ones. It is also right to do so, but is it correct in every situation?
    I have seen many such elders in the society who are not even worthy of respect, people who talk in abuses with people around them. It does not matter what their age is, yet they comment on girls or ladies. Irrespective of their age, whether female or male, but lack of decency reduces their respect.

    After all, why people always connected to being old age and respect? I believe, give respect to someone who lives a life with honorable deeds, whether he is older or younger than you. What do you think about it? Should we remove the standard of age from the definition of respect?
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    I disagree with the author that elders being old need not be given the respect. Just because one or two elders not behaving well, it does mean that entire elders community goes wrong. In fact the elders pass their legacy of good learning and exprience to the young generation. And where ever small children were nurtured under the care of elders they did became big persons in the long run and recognized in the society. Children are distracted through modern gadgets and television and the elders are those who would prevent them from meddling with cell phones and in turn teach the grand children the moral stories and fantasy stories to which they are more attracted. Never think that elders are boresome and burden, they create healthy atmosphere and recharge the homes with their beahvior and knowledge base.
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    K Mohan Sir,

    I have not mentioned all the elderly people here. I just meant that even when a person is not respectable by his/her deeds, should be given respect only on the basis that he/she is old in age?

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    Your contention is not correct. Old age people are generally those who have terrific life experience. particularly those who are now in their sixties or above. These are the people who would have seen everything in life. They would have made their "trunk calls" and used the inland letter as the only means of communication. When they were in their twenties or thirties, there was no internet, no computers, no cell phones, no washing machines or smart TVs or smartphones, as we have today. Not the kind of luxury that children born now get used to, even when they are less than one year old.

    They are the people who have lived in the license raj permit raj. They would have waited for 60 months to get their scooter. It is not today when one can buy it off from the showroom as if you and I buy one icecream. Medical technology and the most advanced IT was just not available. Of course, their days had more fun, more personal contact as well.

    They are the people who should be respected. One should listen to their views. They would have a wealth of experience to share and are generally those who are so happy to guide anyone. For example, why do we still look around for the Grandmas to learn how to cook the best dishes? Does the younger generation have one bit of patience? Do we not give the likes of Swiggy big business by ordering everything, even on Sundays and extended holidays?

    I just do not agree that respect has no age. That said, there can be some bad apples among those who are elder to anyone and we always need to be careful. However, to paint everyone with the same brush is just not acceptable at all. Please do have a very wide view of society and talk to anyone who is elder to you. Get them to share their experiences. They always know far better than any of us, as they have seen the wider world with perspectives that you and I will never ever get to see in the rest of our lives.

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    Some elders do not behave properly and use their age to their advantage by abusing others thinking that the other people will keep quiet because of respect for their age. They are doing a wrong thing because today's generation knows well as how to tackle with these black sheep and they will be make them all right within no time. We have to respect a person not by his or her age but because he commands it.
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    Elders should always be respected. Everyone becomes old and there will be physical and mental changes in a person with advancing years. One has to understand them and tolerate. The elders become wise not only because of their age but also due to the experience of having committed many mistakes and learning from them. Before judging another person, we have to judge ourselves.
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    There are good people and bad people of all ages. I agree. A person who is 60 years old is also misbehaving with a 16 years girl. Once in a while, we see such news in papers. How such people eventhough aged can demand respect from others. An aged person should behave how he has to behave. The younger should also behave how they have to behave. Then you will not see any problem in society.
    Some super senior citizens are above 80 years and they can't do anything. We should not see their history and we should see that they will have a reasonably good life. This is the duty of young people. They should not think about how he behaved when he was young and how he has taken care of other people. If we think those things we can't take care of them'
    One person told me that any person who crossed 80 years is like God. We should get their blessings and they will be good for us. So we should respect them and try to help them to a possible extent.

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    This type of heresies are not appreciated . We have ages long tradition to respect our elders and olders without considering their manners or behaviour, youngsters have no right to decide which old people deserve respect and which oldies don't deserve our respect. The author has misjudged this topic. We have no right to select old people in two categories that all old people who belong to group A we will respect them and those old people who belong to group B they dont deserve our respect.
    Old people are our asset. Most qualified people may fail before their vast experience of life. If I see any old people using foul language against any other person I just keep quiet as I have no right to say anything to him however, suppose he is my relative I talk to him later when he is calmed down.

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    As someone mentioned already good and bad people exist in every age group. Age should never be a impetus for someone to give or receive respect, it should always come from within. However I believe that younger are obligated to perform certain respectful jesture for their elders and these jesture should be taken positively as they are a part and parcel of our rich culture. These does not include people who've done deed that aren't forgivable. Younger or elder everyone deserves a basic standard of respect as we have to mutually exist in the same society.
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