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    On seeing crowd do you feel proud ?

    One of my close relatives feel more happy and ethusiastic on seeing more visitors to her home and she would never get tired on seeing so many people come to see her. She feels the more the crowd at home would be wholesome entertainment and exchange of views and especially she is fond of children and prepares exclusive dishes for them. And come festivities everybody would love to visit her because everyone can meet many and that would be the perfect meeting point. She takes pride in rendering hospitality and services.
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    It depends on the liking and nature of an individual. There are some people who entertain their guests for a long time and offer them many dishes and goodies. Some housewives are very much particular about it and would see that no one goes unattended from their house. It is actually our Indian culture which teaches us like that and we tret the guest in our houses just like God.
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    A person's own thinking and lifestyle can be deeply related to this, because some people who are feeling tense after seeing the crowd, think about how to get rid of this crowd. On the other hand, some people like to live in such a crowd and they never want to be alone. Keep this thinking so much for the guests, serving them, is hardly found in today's time and when we find it, then this sentiment is worth appreciating. Sometimes it depends on the person's thinking as well as his situation. Some people want a crowd around them to share happiness, but mostly in their grief, they would like to prefer being alone.
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    Such people get respect from almost all of their friends and relatives. When a person visits our house if we receive him properly and show good hospitality the visitor will feel happy and try to visit again and again. When we visit them they will also treat us properly and respectfully. We should invite such people who reciprocate the hospitality only should be treated properly.
    Some people ask us what we will bring when we go to their house and what we will give them when they visit us. That means always they want to receive only. Such people should be treated differently. Some people come and spend some time with us and enjoy our hospitality. Some relatives stay even for 2 or 3 days. But when we go to their house and stay for a half-day, they will reveal they are true colours. They never like our stay with them even for a half-day. If we once know the nature of such people who should also treat them in the same manner so that they will understand the mistake they are doing.

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    I appreciate the lady mentioned in the post . Such hospitable are hard to find nowadays. Great host welcome their guest smile and their smile stirs the people to stay with them as guest, else they themselves not being good host know about it how people may dare to be guest of someone if they are not welcomed. I appreciate my wife for her qualities of a friendly host. She always welcomes visitors, perhaps this is the reason our guest who come from other city prefer to stay with us instead of my elder brother's  family.

    In this age our smile has become hollow and emotionless invitation which is felt by other person as well. We have forgotten what hospitality is. I don't know but I have seen that major part of educated class is inhospitable in contrast with illiterate people are more hospitable . Perhaps it may be due to their life style.

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