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    It is nice to spread development over a wide area

    The Government of India and the various State Governments are now thinking of spreading development over a wide area. This has actually been done in industries like sugar, cement, and steel, where the manufacturing plants would be situated in remote places, and the residential townships would have all the basic amenities that one can always expect.

    We should now have more of such arrangements. If the organizations relocate to remote areas, the private managements should have housing colonies for their employees and schools where the children can have access to a good education. We need a fairly good balance in such places, as these places are generally at least fifty kilometers from the nearest towns. Let us evolve new such models of development.
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    This type of things are needed to remove the disparity between the village environment and city environment. Everything is getting crowded in the cities and that is choking the cities with pollution and people are forced to stay in the cities even if proper housing is not there. Relocating industries and institutions far from the towns is definitely a welcome measure. It has to be followed in all the places.
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    I agree with the author. Development should not be concentrated in one place. The united Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministers did the same mistake. They concentrated in and around Hyderabad only. Whatever development happened in the State happened in that place only. So many people migrated to Hyderabad. Even today in Telangana no development in any other place. Telangana without Hyderabad is Zero.
    When the state is divided Hyderabad went to Telangana and the residuary Andhra Pradesh was not having a city that can be named as the Capital of that State. When united AP was there if the governments concentrated on developing another city in the coastal area we might not have faced such a problem. So the rulers should understand this policy and see that the developmental activities will take place all over the state instead of concentrating on a particular place.

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    Unfortunately when it comes to development of various region in a single state, there are differences and discontent among the regions and thus fume over not developing. The main reason for Telangana being formed because over the period of time the Andhra rulers have been developing Rayalseema and Andhra areas but not given credence to the much poor Telangana area. And thus a wave of protest started and today we are free and have our own state. If the developments wont take place in remote areas where the natural resources are abundant and the locals are not given the prominence of employment in companies created in those areas the locals would go as migrants to other places. This was seen during the recent lock down when migrants from North were stay put in South and has to travel to their home towns and faced lots of hardships. At least now central and state govts must plan and have such projects to give credence to locals to sustain developments.
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    It is good to know that the central government and some state governments are planning to bring developmental projects . The author has written about industrialisation also. If it is true then the author should not criticise the central government as he has been giving negative comments about the government.

    I have doubts about such schemes because it requires a huge investment . If it were true then the government would not be privatizing public sector units. In Bihar several mills and factories   are closed due to not having enough money. I think these and such projects should be taken on priority. It will create employment.

     If the author meant to say that corporate sector which is overtaking public sector units is going to establish new industries in different parts of the country then it is very much possible.

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