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    Did you recently have "the once upon a time" feeling?

    Old photo albums. All in black and white. They are often stored in some corner of the house. Only when we want to clean the areas to get additional space, we come across one or two such albums. These are albums that connect you to the glorious past. Those good times with zero pollution, natural air, superb natural environments, and really meaningful temple worship. Today, every bit of all that is gone. And gone are the old people who made our lives so happy then.

    One such "once upon a time" feeling happened to me recently when I chanced to go through an old family album. The huge house in my ancestral village near Kumbakonam, a fairly big temple town now, came to my mind when I saw the photographs. We had a huge hall, some 3400 square foot, called "aranmanai" in Tamil (palace). There were at least six other huge bedrooms and the house was around 11,000 square feet. We also had a huge garden from where we could get any vegetable at any time. I never saw my grandmother buy vegetables or coconuts on any day. We had some servants who would work on the farm, but they were given wages and a full meal and coffee or tea as well. During festivals, they were given bonuses as well.

    My grandmother would use dry neem leaves to chase away all mosquitoes and the open terrace was the place where at least 30 people would happily sleep at night. A huge well was there and we would pull water from it and have a nice bath. I would pull my sister's legs and hide in one corner of the huge house. Very soon, my mother would chase me with a stick in hand but give up when she would not spot me at all!!

    My cousins would join me in the fun and jokes and the cinema which we would see only in Kumbakonam. Eating out was very cheap and superb tiffin was available in a good hotel, the name of which I cannot recollect today. We even had a horse-driven cart for a while. Today, that house has been sold long ago. It has been totally demolished. But the agriculture-rich village is still beautiful...

    We will never ever get back the old times...
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    Those were the golden days. Such days will never come again. Those who are 60 years and above are the lucky ones to have seen those days and also the present days. Many of the houses did not have power or telephone. Communication through letters or visiting personally. We were able to sleep outside enjoying the cool breeze. Nowadays, with so much of advance in technology, we cannot sleep or sit outside due to mosquito, pollution, and fear of thefts. During summer holidays, we used to visit relatives. The education in those days was without any stress. I always recollect those days which were spent happily in the company of relatives and friends. I have scanned and stored all the available old photographs on my computer and go through them to recollect my old days. The most enjoyable phase of the life is that only.
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    Nostalgia never leaves us. You settle in a corner of the world-across the oceans, be opulent more than normal level of riches, have fame and all worldly luxuries but you can not forget your past, especially , childhood days which have sweet memories and these memories can never be forgotten. All incidents leave indelible marks on our mind. But it doesnot happen with everybody. I was born, raised and still living in the same home , so I can't be nostalgic about my home as the author is, and I may imagine how beautiful the palace of his grandfather must be in their village. I have never visited South India but I have seen in Hindi movies some beautiful places. I think you people belong to amazing places.
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    Recently we visited our in-law's house. That house no more belongs to us. The house was sold and we don't have the mother in law and father in law also. But whenever we go that side my wife wants to visit that village and that house. A very big house with a vast area and a garden on one side and coconut garden in the front and some vacant space on the backside. 4 families used to stay in that house. A well, a hand pipe and an overhead tank with a motor are provided in the house. All the 4 brothers are not having any sons. They have 6 daughters in total and all of them are married and settled elsewhere. So that property was sold.
    The house was so spacious and we used to sit together in the verandah and spend time. They have coconut trees. Tender coconuts are plenty and we used to drink daily that coconut water. Now in our recent trip to that area, we visited that house also and I got the same feeling of once upon a time.
    I have seen many such houses in our native place and surroundings earlier. But these days they are also being changed and constructed as modern houses.

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    Sirs, the big point was that people were very simple. There was so much of caring and sharing. We are now bothered about price of cooking gas. One of the photos shows four huge mud stoves and massive amount of firewood in the store room. I still remember at least six women including my mother would cook by turn. The summer holidays were real fun. Not a single thief would dare come anywhere near our house.

    And Remember holidays were more fun. We would be woken up by the continuous jingle of glass bangles of our cousin's and other women who would wake up so early and get ready to do the Kolam designs. The bhajans would also be there. The times were different as we never felt the summer. Today, I have just memories. Today, our youngsters do not want any advise. They are ambitious and sometimes arrogant. They are highly qualified and talk about six crore apartments in gated communities. For this amount, in the villages near lovely Coimbatore, I can buy six lovely houses. But sane advise is never welcomed.

    What s up and Facebook and YouTube has become so much a part of us. But this highly commercial set of relationships is no match to those good old days. Only sweet memories. My own sister is now in Dubai. Off and on, when I recall all the pranks, she would laugh. The teak wood furniture, if utilized properly, would be worth seven crores today. No one wanted to go to the village. So, after my father sold it, the houses, the lands, other property.... everything is gone. The fertile acres of land seems to have changed four times. The current owners might be quite rich, am told.

    Now, I long to go to such a village.

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    Arafutuffafar, the houses that you often see in the Hindi movies are basically from two lovely places where you can see only greenery everywhere. Take a trip to these two lovely places. One is called Pollachi, the place that produces the maximum coconuts in India. The coconut water of this town is the best you can ever consume in India.

    The next is another lovely and naturally beautiful town called Gobichettipalayam. This town is simply superb. Pollachi is on the Southern side of Coimbatore, the second largest mini-metro of Tamil Nadu, with the finest colleges in every field, including one of the best agricultural universities of India.

    Go towards North of Coimbatore and some seventy five or eighty kilometers away, you can find Gobichettipalayam. Just go to these towns and the surrounding villages. Amir Khan's famous "tanda matlab Coca Cola" advertisement, the blockbuster advt was shot in one of the Pollachi villages. Rao Sir is right. Many commercial developments are taking place in the villages as well. Yet, you can still see the lovely houses in the villages. Kumbakonam is almost 300 kilometers from Coimbatore. There is a fast daily train. The villages are still beautiful. However, not as beautiful as the Pollachi villages.

    You must visit such places.

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    When ever we browse through our family album and photos. surely the old memories would come back and we are transported to those days. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and I gone through old photos when she was child. One lovely photo of her grand mother taking her on lap and my son was being guided by his grand father. Both the elders have died. But my thoughts immediately went to those days that my in laws used to tell me that both the children are bright and they would get name and fame for us the parents. Surely my son is the Chemical Engineer and my daughter a budding doctor. They should be feeling happy for this development.
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    Here we go about sticking to the topic of the thread instead of again harping on youngsters' decisions, how others live, what decisions they make, and dismissing the rich and/or gated community residents as frivolous? This is how a good topic gets railroaded and meanders off into sub-tracks.
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    okay madam.

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    Thanks a lot for this information. South India appears to be a different country for us because geographical features of the South states also differ, language , culture, food everything seems to be different from North. I have learnt through ISC about South Indian people. You people are simply beautiful. Most important quality especially in the present social scenerio is that you people are not divided on the basis of religion.

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