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    Is it necessary for the Election Commission to do such stupid things?

    In the run-up to the elections, the Election Commission covered all the statues in Tamil Nadu with cloth and plastic sheets. The Election Commission has already covered the statues of all the leaders like Kamaraj, Annadurai, Indira Gandhi and MGR with cloths and veils. In some places, flagpoles and stupas have been demolished.The action of the Election Commission is to avoid influencing the voters during the election.
    Is there any need for all this ?. Will these statues and flagpoles affect the election?. Is it necessary for the Election Commission to do such stupid things?. Is this being done in any other state except Tamil Nadu? There is no such things here in Kerala.
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    Unfortunately in TN the hero worship of some leaders and they are being used and influenced in every election is the subject matter to be discussed. And every corner such statues are erected and who ever does the election meeting try to influence the voters through such statues either garlanding and taking pot shots at other parties for being indifference to the ideals of such great personalities whi are now in statue form. Nevertheless whether the statues are there are not, people of TN are well informed and they have decided whom to vote and whom to be given the biggest majority.
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    The election commission is perhaps doing this to avoid any undue exploitation of the statues of such leaders. Some time ago, a particular national party did its best to saffronizeTiruvalluvar, a famous Tamil poet, by putting saffron clothes on all his statues.


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    The author has raised this issue why election commision has taken this decision to cover statues of the famous personalities of the state and the author thinks that it is stupid of election commission. I don't know about it in detail,However, I  think there should be some valid and genuine reason behind this decision. I have never heard such decsion was ever taken by the government body in any state prior to holding elections. This taking such unprecedented decsion should be based on some solid reason. I agree with Mr ABS . He has opined about this decsion of the election commission. It may be possible if any political misuse these statues to  polarise and mobilse  voters in their favour in coming elections . It may also possible that peace and harmony of the state might be disturbed .

    As I know that South Indian people adore and love their famous people, celibirities . They establish temples for them too and worship them. They can't see harming statues of their heros.

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    In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also I have seen this practice. Once the election code comes into effect all the faces of the statues are covered with some clothes. Only after elections, these clothes are being removed. These statues may raise the emotions of the people when their mood is different and may create law and order problems. That may be the reason for this act by the election commission.
    There will be a code and conduct during this election period which is to be followed by all the people. The election commission also can't go beyond their authorities. There are courts to oversee the function of this election commission. So I think whatever the election commission is doing will be as per the constitution only and they can't change them. If any state election commission is going beyond the limit the Chief election commissioner will be overseeing the function of these organisations and maybe taking the actions as deemed fit.

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    This looks strange to see that we have to cover the statues in our cities or towns to contain the emotions of the people if someone misuses and exploits it by honouring and garlanding those statues and in turn takes political mileage out of it. But if election commission has observed it happening and there must be some written complaints about some regarding this, then the action is well justified. It may look extreme and foolish to a person who does not know this background but election commission has a responsibility of containing the public sentiments during the election time and from that angle it is alright. In fact the people who are misusing the statues for this political purposes should be arrested and debarred from election. If this is done, the selfish elements will remain away from these statues and election commission will be also free from the hassles of covering them.
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