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    Why are the big NGOs also being accused of corruption?

    We have one famous NGO called Akshaya Patra. In fact, the ads of this organization are famously shown on ISC on the right-hand side. I had made a donation to this organization some time ago.
    They were prompt in sending me the receipt. They are also seemingly feeding the poor in many places.

    However, not so encouraging and even confusing reports are now being seen about corruption in this organization. There are reports that it is managed by ISKON. No one really knows what is going on.

    We need transparency in the functioning of such organizations. When they collect donations from the public, they are accountable and everything should be transparent. Only one hopes that such a dramatic transformation takes place not only in this NGO but other NGOs as well.

    This is an urgent imperative.

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    The first thing we should keep in mind that NGOs are running all over the world for the welfare of the people including those who  are working for NGO. There is no charity work without gains. These people who are running NGO are earning money for themselves too. I know some of them who are running NGO have no job and no other source of income despite if you see them they are maintaing their four wheeler and living a lavish life. How  it is possible to meet out expenses of spending a luxurious life.

    Corruption is in our blood . It can't be uprooted. We should not be worried about corruption. Do we not know we have anti corruption department , nevertheless, corruption is intact. Do you ever think why this department is not called to book for existence of corruption. It is the incompetence of this department or Does this anti corruption itself involved in corruption ?

    Why is there no accountability ?

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    I do not know from which source bad news is being spread against Akshaya Patra or the ISCKON which manages it and it is the fact that it is reputed trust through it donates food at cheaper rate in Hyderabad is very well known. Just for rupees five tasty food is being supplied through the GHMC and even at ISCKON poor feeding is done daily. Even the state govt has been donating the one rupee rice to the trust and therefore I feel the reports are false and baseless. However the NGO's attached to some political parties are not doing work but getting the funds which is misused.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    ISKON is doing a good job in both the Telugu states. They are offering food at a very cheaper price. Rs.5/- per meal. They are giving the money to the state government and the governments are projecting this scheme as theirs. Akshaya patra is a part of ISKON only.
    Big or small. SIze is not a criterion for corruption. Big organisations are also in corruption and small organisations also encouraging corruption. Corruption has become a way of life in our country. It is very difficult to control this as people themselves are encouraging corruption for their personal gains.
    As mentioned by the author the corruption charges may be or may not be true. it is better to get it investigated and bring the facts out. NGOs are no exemption for corruption in our country.

    always confident

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    NGOs are run by private people and private groups and though there are rule and regulations enacted by the Govt for them but when it comes to money the people working there might do some wrong practices to make some benefit for themselves out of that. There are so many big companies which give ample donations to these NGOs believing their good work generally supposed to be beneficial to the society. But they do not know whether they are donating to a good NGO or not. The internal stories and malpractices are not known to others. In such cases even the reputed NGOs become a matter of doubt if there are some such information leaking out from its inner quarters. The idea of managing these NGOs by some retired reputed people like judges, civil servants etc has definitely a merit.
    Knowledge is power.

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