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    New life to transgender people

    Though the government turns people to consider transgender people, in many places, public are not considering them favourably. Recently a tend has come to them as I read in news that some of the transgender persons collectively started a restaurant in Anaiyur, an area in Madurai, Tamilnadu. Further they sell food at a nominal price. This is a new turn to them. Further companies should offer employment to them also.
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    Good that the transgenders are fending their way of livelihood and not depending on alms and help from the people as they are treated as nuisance by the public for their forceful collections of money either from the road users or the shops or even in trains. But when they start business on the own even the banks would come forward to finance. It is the good gesture on the part of some transgenders joining together to start a food joint in Madurai. This would be the trendsetter for the others to emulate and there need to be empathy to give them a decent living of life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Generally transgender are not respected in our society. They stay with us by a distance. During  special occasions, festivals, functions and some  kind of happy celebrations they visit homes of people and ask for money. Nobody ask them even to sit or have a glass of water. I have sympathy with them . The author has introduced their new embodiment of businessmen. It is good know. If they have to excellent food and service I hope they will  become popular as businessmen . I hope they will progress.

    I have never heard about them that such people have ever ventured out to start any business.

    Invariably, pople don't give them any job also. But in Bombay several years ago a person started a unique business with unique staff. He started an agency which gave guarantee to recover outstanding payment/debt if people were disappointed from getting their money back. People who were facing this issue contacted the agency and they recovered their stuck debt easily by paying their nominal fee. Do you know  who were staff? It was transgender people. He appointed them as recovery officer on salary basis . These transgender were happy to do this respectable job.

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    Transgender people are very much a part of our society but as they were not included in the main stream working, they remained a neglected lot and resorted to other petty activities like dancing and mocking in the houses where marriages are done or a child is born and used to get some money from those houses. They had their own society and they lived in isolated areas also. In many countries there started some awareness in this regard and the Govt there started to include them for education and jobs by including a letter 'T' in the application forms where we earlier had only 'M' and 'F'. This was a paradigm shift in the whole system of the transgender community and now they can also apply for education and jobs. In some countries the transgender people are having same respect and honour just like the normal ones and many countries are following this. Now, they have a normal identity and slowly people will accept them in friendship and social functions and the menace and ugliness that existed with the word 'eunuch' will be completely out from our minds. Let us hope that we all accept them just like the other normal people and help them in getting educated and getting jobs in every segment of our industries.
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    People's thinking is changing with time and this change will one day make life easier for all classes. In some places, even today, transgender people do not have that much respect, but in the same way, we are seeing examples where transgender people are living a normal life like respect and the common man. Many organizations and government departments provide reservations for them. It may take time but there would be a day when these people live their life without any discrimination.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Transgender people behave oddly and keep themselves away from normal people. They never make any efforts to get mixed with people. In Hyderabad, I have seen a union of these people. If any function is getting celebrated by any family, these people in groups come to that place and create disturbance and demand thousands of rupees. If the owner is not ready to give, all such people will come to that house and create a big problem there. Similarly, if any shop opening is there, we will hundreds of such people there.
    It is good that some section of such people is choosing a path for their living. The other transgender persons should take them as an example and do something for their living. Once people start making gentle efforts for their living we will see a change in normal public and they will also come forward to help them. So change should begin from that side. That is started and I hope they will also see good times in the coming days.

    always confident

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