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    Why the World bank and lending organizations failed to reach poor countries?

    It is the fact that the entire world including the big super powers were crushed to the down under in terms of reversal on economy and one can imagine what would have been plight of poor countries which were either too fighting with poverty then the pandemic. I am sure no country would have reached them so far because every nation was selfish to see their economy and recover first. In that case, why the World bank and other lending organizations of the world were keeping mum and not extended helping hand including India ?
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    There are many advanced countries as well as agencies like World Bank which help the backward and poor countries. But the help is very little as compared to the total support required to uplift those societies. For helping the poor countries, large scale efforts are required and during the corona pandemic as most of the countries are struggling with their own problems, it would not be feasible for them to extend help amid such crisis. There is definitely scope in the activities and curriculum of agencies like UN and World Bank where more emphasis can be laid down in helping these poor countries and for that accelerated program is to be chalked out and developed countries should contribute in that endeavour generously. So simply helping them would not be very helpful as they are to be supported in terms of development of native industries and other works through which they can in later times able to earn their own livelihood. This requires a good governance in those poor countries as well.
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    All the countries suffered irrespective of their financial condition because of the COVID19 pandemic. Very rich countries like the USA also suffered a lot. Slowly they are coming out of the situation and trying to reach a normal position. In this attempt, they may not be able to help other countries. First of all, we should see that we will live and then only we can see the welfare of others. When you are not there how can you help others? This is the concept.
    There are organisations like the world bank etc which can help the poor countries to come out of this problem. But their resources are less when compared to the requirement. They have to follow the norms in sanctioning the money. They can't completely ignore some and help some countries outright.

    But one should remember that many countries are trying to help the needy. Even India helped some countries during and after Corona. Now India is giving Vaccine also to many countries.

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    Though India is helping out other countries what about super powers helping us?
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    World Bank and International Monetary Fund were established after second war and their main was to help developed countries especially US, Britain, France and some other European countries. However, these organisations help third world countries also but it all depend on US and some other countries which have direct involvement with these organisations. These developed countries would not like to see any developing countries to be among developed countries. They have monopoly in all international organisations. They want to see all countries which lie in Africa, Asia and Latin America as their sycophant . They would never like to see them as rich as they are.

    Let alone World Bank and International Monetary Fund even UN is also under their influence . What America wants it will be endorsed by UN also. India is a developing country . Since India is the populated county after China so India is a big market for them where labour is cheap and they can sell their products easily in this vast market.

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    Do our Nationalised Banks help the poor? While the poor have to cross so many hurdles to get a loan passed and remain under threat in case of non-payment, how can we expect the World Bank to be liberal in the case of poor countries? They too have many terms and conditions and if a country does not abide by them or falter in following the agreement, the World Bank does deal with them seriously. Let us not forget that the World Bank is not there to help/ assist poor/ developing countries without bothering about the way the money is spent.
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    If the International bodies are not for reaching out then the very purpose of their establishment gone waste.
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    There is much difference in theory and practical. What we talk and conceive some plan at a higher level does not get implemented as it is at a lower level. So world bank makes so many plans for the poor but the question is how many of them each really to the poor people. In our own country we are seeing that Govt is chalking out so many plans for the uplifting the poor but the money is mis utilised by the middlemen and does not reach down to the poor people.
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