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    Some people are missing the fun badly

    Many people are very much missing the socialising sessions that they enjoyed so much in the pre-covid times. Visiting each others house and chit chatting over a cup of coffee and hot snacks is a memory of the past and these people feel that life has become dull and boring. Some are still trying to visit the other families by wearing masks etc but when other family is discouraging them to do so they are even hurt at times and thinking that why our friends are behaving with us so strangely. They are not able to understand that it is being done in the interest of all the people and to check the deadly corona propagation. Some of them are resorting to video chit chatting also though it is not as refreshing and entertaining as the physical meetings. So, to that extent some people are missing badly the fun of it. What is your experience in this regard?
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    This post reminds me the days when we were locked in our homes. We could not go freely. We stopped meeting our friends, relatives. Alarm of police van would terrorise people. It was very difficult to stay behind door. Many people had nothing to eat. Generous People helped them with open hands. We saw migrants moving on foot covering more than 1000 k.m. distance.

    Now I don't see this social environment in our state . Reports are coming from some parts of the country like Maharashtra coronavirus is affecting people with fresh surge. Does the author belong to such region where people are still missing interacting with other people. There is no such situation in major part of the country.

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    True. I have seen some people who prefer spending their time alone with their laptop, book or Phone. They will never be comfortable in a group and they never participate actively in social gatherings. Maybe they are brought up is like that.
    At the same time, I have seen some people who always try to spend time with others and ignore special comforts and responsibilities and go on wasting their time chitchatting and participating in fun activities. This is also not welcome.
    One should enjoy life on all fronts. They have to fulfil their responsibilities. They have to take care of their welfare and then they should spend some time socialising and fun activities. A person who can balance all the activities as per the need only will have real happiness in life.
    I have seen people always talking over the phone and they never try to talk to the people around them. That is also not a good trait. We should give some time to the people around us.

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    My very close brother got married during the Covid period and I and the family could not attend the marriage, which we had been waiting for a long time. But as per the condition, our decision not to go to the wedding was justified. This time has been the same for all, but still, some people did not understand the seriousness of the time and situation. In my area, a boy kept the same routine with his friends, walking outside, eating, etc., and soon he infected from corona and infected his family too, in which his father lost his life. It is very important to look at the mildness of the situation, understand it and be careful. The policy and formalities of socialization and relations will remain lifelong.
    Swati Sharma

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    Exactly. We are all social animals. In fact, a big majority of people are facing the same issues and they are left clueless as to what they can do in this situation. It is fine to stay safe for at least six months and catch up on video calls and skype as often as possible. We really do not have any choice.

    As regards all the fun, yes. We all long to have the fun. For example, we are not able to travel to meet relatives at weddings, particularly in areas where the virus is very active. People who have a business in Mumbai are the worst affected. The financial capital generates so much business but is still unsafe to travel for most Indians. One can only hope that the vaccine will solve all the problems, at least over the next 24 months. I really long for the day when I can freely shake hands with thousands of people. These are tough times indeed.

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    Many of my friends are missing that and we sometimes talk about those old days when there was no fear in mixing up and late evening chit chats and indulgences over a cup of tea along with the home made delicacies. I myself am missing that being a gregarious creature and long for the good old days to come back once the corona is eradicated. I wish and hope that this evil would soon be contained.
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    We were not habituated with such an unusual situation prior to this pandemic. We were free to move the places we liked and so was the case with our meetings with the closed ones. The meeting session ranged from half an hour to maximum four hours. There was no complexes from either of the sides. Those were the days which cannot be erased from our memories.
    The present situation is unusual since our own circles don't encourage us to drop their residence nor do they call on us. Let us hope the present situation will pass shortly when we will be tuned to the old but the normal phase.

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    The covid has taught a lesson to live alone and be self. By opting for the work from home, many have given up their socializing habits, not meeting anyone nor having any contacts personally. What ever happens it is done and inquired over the phone or video calling. Some people gone mad by not meeting their friends and relatives and they keep on spending their free time gluing to the cell phone or the laptops. Those who had the week end parties, that is no more happening. Those who were having fun with long drives, that is a forgotten habit. So the life has changed and everyone has been in to new normal.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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