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    It is good to say no, but don't give the wrong information.

    Basic nature is seen in the people that if any other person asks them a question, they always try to give answers whether they know or not, when people know the answer to the question then it is okay but if they have a little doubt, then should not give the wrong answer.

    Even if a child asks a question to someone but he does not know the answer, still he answers a wrong answer accordingly because he does not want to spoil his image in front of the child, but it is better that you ask for some more time to get the right answer and then answer it after confirmation. In today's digital world you can find the answer to any question in minutes.

    Another example of this is, when someone ask for an address or route from us, even here, if you do not know the way, then say no clearly. Do not misguide the person in front of you by showing the wrong path or giving wrong information.
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    It is always better to say no if you are not sure of the issue in question. When we are in a new place and ask somebody about the address you are searching for if he misguides you, how you feel? The same thing will happen to a person if you misguide him.
    Many times we will be getting some questions and enquiries from other people. There is no rule that we should know all the issue. Definitely, nobody will have 100% knowledge in any subject. So accepting that we don't know is not a crime and you need not feel that you will become a laughing stock in the thoughts of others. Even when we attend interviews also we can say no to some questions where we have no knowledge.
    Bluffing, acting as if we know everything and trying to show off is not good always. I have seen some people telling whatever they feel like in the discussions even though they don't understand the issue properly. Such an attitude is not appreciated.

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    This is human nature when someone asks a question and the person doesn't know the correct answer despite he tells answer . I see many people have this habit. Hardly any person is seen who candidly admit that that he Does not know answer. Nobody wants to be regarded as ignorant of knowledge and this situation if he doesn't answer other person will assume that he is not a knowledgeable person.
    I agree if someone asks the way to go somewhere he should be informed correctly. I have often experienced it when I asked the way in an unknown place where I visited first time some people guided me wrongly.

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    Some people feel low for saying no when any information or matter sought from them and instead they try to spread wrong information which not only hamper the right search and also disturbs the very purpose of searching for that information. By saying no the opposite person who is seeking information would have the clear cut knowledge of not getting any additional information from us. And by giving half baked information we may also try to intervene the process of obtaining the right information. It takes great stride to say no and that would suffice the person seeking information to go for other source.
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    Some people are very dominating and want to show their highhandedness. You tell them anything and they will either negate it or tell something that is comparatively better than that. They want to have some upper hand in their talks and do not spare anyone. If someone asks these people some information or question they show as if they are very knowledgeable and tell something which may not be at all relevant and what to say about the correctness of the answer. These people do not see the consequences of these wrong answers for the other persons and do not worry or bother for their misleading and wrong answers. I think we should not adopt such practices in our lives and tell the answer only if we know it and otherwise tell clearly that we do not know.
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